Louis, & Me.

Teenager Danika is a One Direction fan all the way! Her dream is to go to a One Direction concert, will she actually get to go? Who knows, she might even start dating one of the members of One Direction.


29. Audrey

Niall P.O.V. 

I cant believe i get to pick up Audrey, or ReyRey as Dani calls her. I'll send her txt saying im almost there. 'To : Audrey(: 'Hey its Niall..Im almost at the airport. About 3 more mins.(:' 

I send it. BUZZ BUZZZ!! Audrey txted me 'Alright, Just come to the front when you get here. i'll be waiting!' 

I parked the car, put my hoodie on, and sunglasses on, even though it was 10:37 p.m. 

I was looking for Audrey, I was her, I remembered just how she looked, her was a little darker when Dani's. It was perfectly curled. She had her jacket on, and sweatpants on, her jacket said 'kiss me, im irish.' on it. Oh boy, I did want to kiss her! "Niall!" She comes running up to me and gives me a hug. 

"Hey babe!" I say to her "shhh, I dont want people to recognize me" I whisper in her ear .

"Oh right sorry" She says. 

"Welll...Lets get a move on" I say

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