My Bestfriend's Brother

Hi, my names Carter Chance. Im 17, Ive got brown hair and brown eyes.I have one brother,his name is Greyson. Well, I moved to Doncaster this summer . About a couple of days later,when we were all moved in and settled down,there was a knock on the door.'I got it!' I yelled to my mom,who was in the kitchen. I opened the door there was our neighbors.The Tomlinson.

***Her brother is Greyson Chance in this but he isn't famous***


31. SEQUEL!!:)

Ok so there have been many requests for a sequel. I think I should do it eh?
I'm gonna type up a few chapters then I will publish it. So when there are some good chapters ready, I'll give you a date when it will be released ok? It WILL be in set in the future giving you how their life's been. Would you like a preview for it in Carter's POV? I can post it on here so yeah. Haha. Anyways spoiler alert....., wait! Do you want a spoiler alert? Well it's gonna be hidden in the words. I don't care if you comment it once you get it but here::::
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If you don't understand that I'll just tell you:)
Carter and Louis are married. They have a girl, Avery. Harry has a son named Ethan.
When ten years ago, when Avery was four, carter vanished without a trace. Niall sneaks out Ethan and Avery on a long journey to find carter. Oh and Avery and Ethan were born the same exact day so they're both 14. Well anyways, I hope you will all read it and if you want me to, I will post the prologue ON HERE as a sneak peak in Carter's POV for when and why she is gone. Please tell me if you'd read it:) thanks for ALL the support guys! Love you all,
PS PLEASE GO CHECK OUT MY FRIEND ERIN! Eza_1D...... It'd mean a lot!
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