My Bestfriend's Brother

Hi, my names Carter Chance. Im 17, Ive got brown hair and brown eyes.I have one brother,his name is Greyson. Well, I moved to Doncaster this summer . About a couple of days later,when we were all moved in and settled down,there was a knock on the door.'I got it!' I yelled to my mom,who was in the kitchen. I opened the door there was our neighbors.The Tomlinson.

***Her brother is Greyson Chance in this but he isn't famous***



Hey guys! Wanna have a contest? THE WINNER gets to be in the book as a new character. They will be in the engagement part if the book(not Louis and carter. One of eir a aunts will be getting engaged. Don't want to give away too much:) ) but you can be the aunt who's getting married. You will be in a couple chapters. Here's how to enter:
-Go check out my new book: 'They Wont Know About Us' and I will randomly choose someone on the list.
Please go check it out,I've worked really hard on it:) thank you so much. Oh and if you get chosen I will announce it on this page of the book:)

xX Much Love Xx
< 3 Morgan Tomlinson < 3

PS sorry if you thought this was a chapter. I'lltry to update tonight , if not i will deff update tomorrow:):):):)

-Carter's POV-
We were on the ride home. Today was amazing. I smiled. "You smile a lot,but it's cute." He said. "I like smiling, sailings my favorite!" I said quoting elf. The movie with will ferrel. "You're not the real Santa! You smell like beef and cheese!" Louis said. We were laughing. "I love that movie. How long til we are home?" I asked. "Thirty minuets." He said. Soon we arrived home and we got out. "Do you wanna come in?" I asked. "Sure." He said. We walked in holding hands. We sat on the couch and turned the TV on. How I met your mother came on. We were laughing at Barney when my mom came in. "Hey C,I need some help with the dishes." She said. I nodded and went to the kitchen. We started the dishes. "So, how was the date?" She asked. I smiled. "He asked me out." I said. "Really? That's great!" She said. I nodded. "We'll, now you won't have to find a date." She said. We were almost finished putting tem in the dish washer. "Date for what?" I asked. Well, Ben finally proposed to your auntie! Like the day after we moved.So about a week ago. The weddings in a month. " She said smiling. "She needs us back in the states in a couple days for the dress fittings." "So, I can bring Louis?" I asked. "Yeah." She said and smiled. I ran back into the living room and jumped on the couch. "Will you be my date to a wedding?" I asked him. "Yea!" He smiled. "Would your mom let you go to the states?" I asked. "Well, yeah I guess." He said. He called his mom and soon hung up. "She said yes!" He said. I smiled and hugged him. "So, when are we leaving?" He asked. "Couple of days." I said. We kept watching how I met your mother until we eventually fell asleep.
"Carter,wake up." My mom shook me awake. I opened my eyes. "We have guests coming at four,so I need your help with setting up. Please?" She said. I nodded and got up. Then I realized Louis wasn't here. Oh yeah! He went home last night. Ok. I got up and went to the kitchen and setup the table. I placed the place mats infront of each seats. Next I put the plates on top of them all. I took a paper towel and folded them in half. I sat the fork,knife,and spoon on each paper towel/napkin. I sat out a cup on the other side of each plate. Hopefully this all goes well. "Hey mum, why are we setting up so early?" I asked. "Well, y British daughter, we are setting up because its actually one o'clock in the afternoon." She said. I laughed. "Alright, well the tables done." I said. She smiled. "Good. I think you're good now, you c an have Harry and Louis for dinner if you want. " she said. "Thanks mum" I ran upstairs and dialed Harry and Louis. "Hello?" Harry said. "Hey do you and Louis want to come for dinner tonight?" "I can,but Lou's Aunt came over so they're visiting. But I'll be over?" "Yeah! Cool"" "see you soon" I hung up and went to Greyson's room. "Oh my god. Greyson! What happened!?!?"
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