My Bestfriend's Brother

Hi, my names Carter Chance. Im 17, Ive got brown hair and brown eyes.I have one brother,his name is Greyson. Well, I moved to Doncaster this summer . About a couple of days later,when we were all moved in and settled down,there was a knock on the door.'I got it!' I yelled to my mom,who was in the kitchen. I opened the door there was our neighbors.The Tomlinson.

***Her brother is Greyson Chance in this but he isn't famous***


26. Chapter twenty six

Hey! Sorry if you thought it was a chapter but I have the names:)
Aunt: Jessica:)
Bridesmaids: Brittany, Kaitlyn and Ally:)
And would you like a preview to the Harry fanfic? Well here's the about and title:) comment if you want me to post chapter one:) I will try to update this one tomorrow:)
xXmuch loveXx
MY HAZ FANFIC IS OUT!!:) go check it out on my page:) it's called Just The Soccer Girl

-Carter's POV-
I had a blast singing with Niall. It was so much fun. We got upstairs and Zayn said, "Dude, I love your pajamas!" I looked down. I was wearing my Paramore Riot! Pjs. I loved them. "Thanks," I smiled. He nodded. "We enjoyed your little concert you guys!" Louis said. I laughed. "I got it on video," Niall said. I widened my eyes. He played the clip. I was laughing the whole time, along with the boys. "Well, I'm going to set this up," I said gesturing towards the blankets and giant, fluffy duvet in my hands. They nodded. I walked into the living room and pushed the couch and both recliners against the wall. I'm not weak, so it didn't take long at all. I then put the duvet on the floor. Next, a blanket. I then gave everyone two pillows and laid them down. I sat the extra blankets on the recliner. I put in Orphan and waited for the boys. When it got to the main scream I whisper yelled , "Guys! Movie time!" They all came in, Niall with three huge bowls of popcorn and two cans of pepsi. "One for you and a pepsi," he smiled to me. I took it and said thank you. We all sat down and laid down. Me in the middle of Louis and Nialler. I pushed play. I was never scared of scary movies, in fact I love them. It started off. This part is really gross so I closed my eyes. "Tell me when that parts over, it's really gross," I told the boys. Niall gave me a thumbs up. After about a couple minuets, Niall told me I could look. We were at the part where Danny, the brother, shot the pigeon with a paintball. "I didn't think it'd hurt him!" He said. Here it comes. I shoved a whole handful of extra buttery popcorn in my mouth. "Well! You did it, put it out of its misery!" Ester said in her Russian accent. She picked up a huge rock and handed it to him. Well she tried, but he wouldn't take it. I heard Louis gasp. Danny shook his head. "It's your responsibility. Do you want it to starve and die?" She asked. Danny again shook his head 'no.' "Fine!" She said. She raised it over her head while I shoved more popcorn in my mouth. She then, slammed the rock down, killing the pigeon. "OH MY GOD!! THAT BEAST KILLED KEVIN!!" Louis said really loudly. I gave Niall a questioning look. "I'll explain later," he whispered. I nodded while Louis crawled into my arms. I was now rocking him like a baby. I chuckled. Soon the movie was over. "That movie was awesome!" Niall said. "I know right!?" I replied. We laughed. "I guess everybody but Lou liked it. I looked down at the still traumatized Louis in my hands. I hugged him tighter. "Paranormal activity!" Liam exclaimed. He plopped it in as we watched evey single one of them. I loved these boys. They're like my family. I smiled.
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