My Bestfriend's Brother

Hi, my names Carter Chance. Im 17, Ive got brown hair and brown eyes.I have one brother,his name is Greyson. Well, I moved to Doncaster this summer . About a couple of days later,when we were all moved in and settled down,there was a knock on the door.'I got it!' I yelled to my mom,who was in the kitchen. I opened the door there was our neighbors.The Tomlinson.

***Her brother is Greyson Chance in this but he isn't famous***


24. Chapter twenty four

-Carter's POV-
The sound f my phone playing 'Runaway Baby' by Bruno Mars woke me up. I smiled.
"Boys! The boys!" I whisper yelled. They shot up.
"Can I drive?" I asked. They sorta nodded. I guess they're still half asleep. I grabbed a sticky note and wrote, 'Mom, went to get the boys. Xx. -carter'
She knew I was goingto get them because before we left.
We were in the kitchen, the day before the trip. Lous phone rang.
"Excuse me," he said.
We nodded as he walked into the living room.
Then, we heard Louis on the phone saying, " no mate, I'm going to America. I wish you, Zayn and Li could come, but you can't. It's for a wedding. No Niall, I'm not getting married," he started laughing.
"I'm sorry mate but- no I'm not gonna ask them if you can come! Well for one, you'd eat all their food. And number two, that's rude to have someone just tag along that they don't even know. Listen Nialler,I love you,and the other boys, but that's just rude. Okay, we'll I gotta go. Bye" he hung up. I looked at my mom with pleading eyes. She nodded, "but just when we get there. Have them fly down," she said.
I got in the driver's seat Lou next to me, Harry in the middle row. I drove off to the airport. Looking at thee time, which was 4:40; It takes us ten minuets to get there,so we should be there right before they get off.
We arrived to the airport soon. Getting out, I realized I still had my pjs on. I laughed. I wasn't embarrassed, only because it was morning and everyone else probably had their Pjs on too.
I turned around to the boys when we got inside. Everyone was coming off the plane right now. Louis was holding a bag of...chips?
"Lou, why the chips?" I asked him.
"Nialler likes food. Give him these when you see him and he will love you forever," he said tossing me the bag.
I just nodded, mentally preparing for the craziness that will go down. We sat down on the little seats there and waited a few minuets. Until we saw that. I blonde on a brunette's shoulders waving. I laughed. I assume they know who I am already because Niall jumped off Liam and ran to me.
"Hi! You must be carter! I'm Niall. But please call me Nialler," he said in one breath. I nodded and hugged him.
"I'm Liam," he said as I let go of Niall. I hugged Li too.
"I'm Carter," I said.
"Know I know why BooBear constantly talks about you on the phone. You are really pretty," he said. I blushed as Louis face grew redder and redder. I laughed it off.
"Thanks Li," I said. I let go of our hug.
"Hi, you must be Zayn," I said.
"Hello Carter, yes I am!" He smiled and hugged me.
"Let's go shall we?" Louis asked. We all chorused a 'yes' and a 'sure.'
"Oh and Nialler," I paused, "here's some chips or crisps , whatever you call it," I said throwing him the bag. He smiled so wide I didn't even think it was possible.
We put their bags in the trunk, I got in the driver seat, and drove home. This will be one CRAZY week.
Thanks so much for the feedback! The boys will NOT be famous:):) I will try to update tomorrow but no promises because I have midterms like the whole week! Ugh. :/. Okay well thanks for reading and OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE WE GOT ABOUT 300 LIKES! OMJFS. As my BFF Megan says. Which means Oh My Jelly Fat Sasquach. Don't ask cause I don't know. Haha! But anyways thanks again. Do you like the new writing style? I just wanted to try it out. Let me know what you think.
xXMuch LoveXx
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