Within a Picture

Finally! Meghan was out of the states and living on her own. That's when she met her favorite boy band since almost forever! She gets their autographs, take a picture, secretly wishing she was more to them than just another fan, but knowing that would never ever happen, she went on her way. In and out of the recording studio, on her way to becoming a professional musician and living her dream. But was that run in the end of her journey with the boys? Might another dream, apart from becoming a musician come true. This is the Story of Meghan McCarthy and the beginning of what seems like the end.


30. Where do you think you're going?


"Uh, two unlimited please" Niall asked the man standing in the booth. The hot sun burned on the back of my neck as I held Niall's hand. "Thank you" Niall paid for the tickets from the man that would allow us to go on any ride instead of paying for each one separately. I wore my hair up and my plain grey V-neck top with a dark shade of jean shorts. I had low top converse to match the color grey of my shirt. http://24.media.tumblr.com/222f7d785157a349f59009fe805d6b64/tumblr_mga8993mFz1rj2thoo1_1280.jpg

"What to do first?" He asked indirectly.

"Well it's about 10:30 now. I think we should ride some rides and play some games. Then we of course eat at noon?" I asked him trying to set up a game plan for the day.

"Sounds fantastic" He gave me his big pearly smile and leaned down to kiss me soft on the lips.

We walked in silence for only a couple minutes just people watching, and taking in our surroundings. It wasn't an awkward silence, just comfortable and nice. That's when I spotted what had to be the biggest roller coaster there. I pointed my short index finger toward the ride and Niall's gaze followed the direction it pointed.

"You want to ride that one?" He looked at me.

"Yeah. Why? You scared Ni?" I asked him in a joking manner, giggling at him. He flashed a cocky smile my way.

"I'm not scared. I'm just surprised that such a tiny little thing like you, wants to ride a roller coaster like that."

"What's that supposed to mean?"  I questioned his response a little bit offended.

"Nothing," He told me quickly. Then another grin crept onto his face, "except that if you do get scared, I'll be here to protect you." He let go of my hand and scooped me up bridal style. He carried me all the way to the ride I pointed to that we found out to be called 'The Raging Bull'. "Ready?" He set me down and turned to face me.

"Of course!" I grabbed his wrist and dragged him into line. A group of girls in front of us kept looking back and whispering. Two of the four girls started to walk back towards us.

"Excuse me, You're Niall Horan from One Direction, right?" The short brunette asked Niall.

"I sure am" He smiled at them as they were clearly fans. The two girls turned towards each other and started spazzing. They looked back to the other two girls behind them and nodded trying to tell them it was for sure Niall. I looked at Niall and laughed a bit.

"We're huge friends along with our two friends back there" The other taller blonde girl told him, "Could we maybe have an autograph?" They were both shaking so much it was a little ridiculous.

"Yeah, sure" Niall reached in his pocket and grabbed a black permanent marker. The girls held out their wrist indicating for Niall to sign their wristbands from the amusement park. I'm guessing this was so it would wash of their skin. "There you go girls" They walked back to their friends and fangirled in line.

"Do you always keep a sharpie in your pocket?" I asked him with a giggle.

"Well a little story, the first time I was asked for an autograph I didn't have anything to give one with and neither did the fan so I sadly had to turn her away. I felt really bad so ever since then I usually carry one around with me." He looked at me confident in his answer. I went on my tip toes and pecked my lips on his. I stood back on my feet and we grinned at each other. I rested my head on his shoulder while we waited in line. As we grew closer to the front there were occasionally some fans that asked Niall for a picture or photograph. It was actually really cute seeing him with the fans although some did give me dirty looks I just tried to ignore them. 

"Next" A tall lanky man stared at Niall and I with his chocolate eyes, "Can I ask you a question?" He directed his question towards me. I gave Niall a confused look and he just shrugged.

"Sure" I hesitated a bit wondering what he could be asking me. Some girls behind us that I believe asked for Niall's picture earlier groaned at being held up in line.

"You're Meghan McCarthy right?" I nodded as to where he might know me from. He gave me a big smile and dug in his pocket for a paper and pen. "My daughter is a huge fan of your videos on the internet and talked all morning about your new album scheduled to come out later this year. Could you sign this for her? Her name is Sarah." The man handed me the paper and pen and I signed it.

"Wow thanks" I smiled at him. I can't believe I just signed my first autograph! "She sounds like a great girl tell her I said hi"

"No no! Thank you!" He laughed as he put the paper in his cargo short pocket. Niall and I walked to the first open 2 seats and strapped ourselves in before the ride began.

"See, people love you already" Niall gave me a smile.

"That was so unexpected. I didn't even know Juliana posted the album release date yet. More or less that I had fans that really cared" Niall laughed at me. The ride started moving and Niall held a tight grip on my hand. "No need to be scared Niall" 

'I'm not, I'm just comforting you." I chuckled at his response, trying to be tough for me was cute. we reached the top and I looked down to the bottom. We were so high up, they should have called the ride Everest!


"That was soo much fun!!" Niall laughs as we walk towards the exit gate.

"We have to go check out the picture they take during the ride" I grabbed his hand and lead him to where we could find it.

"Look at your face Meghan!" I looked at the picture and I had the sunniest face i think i have ever mad on while Niall looked perfect as ever. "That's a keeper" He started to search his pocket for money to buy it.

"You're not seriously going to keep that photo are you? I mean When you see it at home that's what you'll think of me every time you see it"

"Exactly! Every time I see it I'll remember how gorgeous my girlfriend is" He gave me a kiss on my head.

"Whatever you say. I'm going to the restroom I'll meet you back here in a few minutes.

"Alright hurry back love" I walked int  the other direction to where I saw a small building where the restrooms must be.

I was walking and everywhere I looked I felt like some girls were staring at me and whispering. I tried to ignore it until one red-haired girl came up to me. She looked like one of the girls that was behind us in line.

"Excuse me slut, where do you think you're going?"

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