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Finally! Meghan was out of the states and living on her own. That's when she met her favorite boy band since almost forever! She gets their autographs, take a picture, secretly wishing she was more to them than just another fan, but knowing that would never ever happen, she went on her way. In and out of the recording studio, on her way to becoming a professional musician and living her dream. But was that run in the end of her journey with the boys? Might another dream, apart from becoming a musician come true. This is the Story of Meghan McCarthy and the beginning of what seems like the end.


9. Sweet (or not so much) dreams for me


***The Next Day***

Although my nose is still broken, and i still have a huge scratch running from the upper part of my right shoulder below my neck, going to right below the inner most part of my clavicle near my neck, that will turn into a scar, i am being discharged from the hospital. they say Niall and I will be fine and it should look like nothing happened (Minus the big scar i'll have) will be cleared up in two weeks. Harry came to pick us up and we would go back to Niall's flat for a bit before i went home for the first time since the morning i left for Starbucks.

I was sitting in the backseat of the fancy car while Harry was driving and talking to Niall whom was sitting in the Passenger seat. They were just talking amongst themselves so i took out my note book i made Louis get me while i was in the hospital last night. I couldn't fall asleep so i started on a poem that when i got home to my guitar i would transform into a song. I already had tune in mind! but now i am working on another one. actually i wrote 3 while i was up really late last night so this is my forth. What can i say? There is just a lot on my mind with this Niall thing and new opportunities and events.

Niall keeps telling me how he now not only ruined my first day in London but now also my Second. But really it wasn't that bad. Not at all actually! I got to meet my favorite band since i was 15, and even the crash and mixed feelings about how i should be feeling, it gives me a head start on writing material for the first day in the studio in just 2 days from now!

We arrived at Niall's flat and we got out of the car. I helped Niall because his ankle was still sore, although he didn't need crutches any more. We walked inside the house to a huge surprise.

"Surprise!!" everyone yelled. and i mean Everyone! that consisted of Liam, Louis, Zayn, Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie... and Amy? That girl made me mad! but on a better note, I was excited to see the boys again and also excited that i get to meet the girls.

"Hi Meghan, I'm Perrie" Zayn's girlfriend. Smiling, She introduced her self and the other 3 girls followed while the boys all started to chat amongst themselves.

"Nice to meet you" i replied with a smile. they were all gorgeous! much prettier than could ever hope to be. but i shook her hand.

"And i'm Eleanor" she said with a big smile on her face. she was tall, Gorgeous. Louis did well!

"I'm Danielle" Danielle, Liam's girlfriend, added to the list. she also was gorgeous and wore a big and perfect smile across her face.

"And i think we met yesterday when i barged in on you and Niall, but just in case you didn't catch it, my name is Amy" she said with an insincere smile on her face. i don't know what she was feeling inside. Was that jealousy? anger? sadness? a mixture of the three? why would she though? it's not like Niall liked me...

Niall's POV:

"Welcome home Nialler!" Zayn patted my shoulder. I smile in response.

"So uhhh, Amy's here?" i asked. I didn't want her to be. i was getting kind of annoyed with her appearances lately. she even cancelled her flight to the states and scheduled it for tomorrow so she could see me today.

"Well yeah. We thought you'd want her here. Don't you guys have a thing? she was pretty excited when i invited her so i thought maybe it was getting more serious. was i completely wrong?" Louis asked me concerned he made the wrong decision.

 "Well, we did. She thinks we do. i don't know mate. I liked her, but i don't think i do any more i mean-" i cut my self off while i'm staring over at the group of girls. Amy and Meghan are standing next to each other, the other girls forming a circle with them. They are all talking when Eleanor pulls out her phone and shows it to Meghan. She must've showed her one of the many embarrassing pictures of Louis because Meghan just Bursts out laughing really hard. I like her laugh. it's a true laugh, unlike some girls who  try too hard when they laugh to make it sound a certain way and it's just annoying. but her smile is gorgeous, her hair that falls over her shoulders. she starts to stop laughing when Eleanor shows her another picture and she starts laughing again.

"Mate, you alright?" i hear Harry ask. I turn my attention back to the lads.

"Yeah. I just need to decide when or how i should tell Amy. if i even should."

"Well you have to. you can't just go on building a relationship that's she thinks is getting serious but you don't even like her. that's not fair to either of you." Liam, being his responsible and caring self. i start to zine out on Meghan again when Harry, who is sitting next to me pokes my cheek.

"Mate, why do you keep staring at Meghan?" he asks, then all the lads start to smile. "wait a second. You like Meghan? that's why you want to break up with Amy? that's why you rejected her kiss last  night? that's why you don't want her here? that's wh-" i cut him off.

"SHUT IT HARRY" i whisper yell. "Maybe i kinda mayb-" they are all staring at me with a 'come one man' kind of expression on their faces. "okay, yes i do. But she wouldn't like me. Plus, she has a recording contact starting in 2 days! she'll be at the studio a lot and a relationship is probablly the last thing on her mind" they all nod but over the next 15 minutes still keep trying to convince me to ask her out once Am leaves.

All 10 of us sit, talk, eat, and play a couple games when Liam of all people suggested Truth or dare.

Meghan's POV:

Truth or dare... fantastic. Harry decided he should go first. why i don't know but, he did. he dared Niall to stuff 10 Oreos in his mouth at once. Niall did it too! it was.... cute? So then Niall asked Liam who he lost his virginity to. Liam, the considered innocent on of the band keep in mind, said he couldn't remember the name, but lost it at 14! So then of course, Liam decides to ask me, who do you have a crush on. That's when i get nervous. 

"Umm" a start to wonder what i should say. i can't say Niall, Amy's here. and so is Niall! "I, uhh" i start to stutter and fidget with my fingers, i look down. it's got to be too obvious that i'm nervous at this question. I started looking at everything except the people in the room.

"No need to get nervous Megs, it's just a question. We're all friend here." Zayn tells me while holding Perrie's hand. I can feel everyone staring at me when my eyes find the clock on the wall. It's Only 7 p.m.

"I actually have to leave" i say and stand up.

"And why is that?" Harry asks suspicious as to why i am acting so strange.

"I uhh, h-ha-have to uhh," i stutter searching for an answer. "c-" Gosh! what could i say? then it came to me, the excuse everyone uses but is perfectly believable. "Call, my mom. and it's getting late uhh," that's a lame excuse. "I should check on my apa-or Flat, i haven't been there in near 3 days" i walk towards the door i put on each of my shoes. Niall comes running through the hall way as i'm slipping my right arm into my coat.

"Let me drive you home" he starts to grab a jacket.

I grab his wrists quick to stop him from getting ready for the cold weather."No. i mean, i'm alright. I have to make a stop on the way home and it will be nice to have a nice walk alone to think of some ideas for material for Saturday, the big day" i tell him trying to sound excited it didn't work. he looks at me hopeful. "No Niall! i wouldn't want to bother you with a stupid average girl like me. now i will be on my way" this time he grabbed my wrist to keep me from heading out to the cold. he looked a little frustrated with my words. i just really wanted to cry right now, but i don't cry in front of people. No! Never will!

"A Stupid average girl? are you kidding me? you're anything but Meghan!" the way he said my name, "You're anything but, prin-" I cut him off. He couldn't feel about me the way i do about him.

"Bye Everyone. See you all soon!" i yell down the hall way. 'hopefully' i then think to myself. i hear a chorus of byes back. "Bye Niall" i whisper to him and i leave a kiss on his cheek just to see his reaction. i looked at his face for just a second. he looked shocked, surprised. but was it in a good way? i don't know but i wiggled my hand out of his grip and slipped out the door and was on my 3 mile walk home in the cold winter weather.

i started crying about a block into my walk. i just sat there on the corner. i felt like a little kid so i got up and reached my apartment and fell fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. sweet (or not so much) dreams for me.



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