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Finally! Meghan was out of the states and living on her own. That's when she met her favorite boy band since almost forever! She gets their autographs, take a picture, secretly wishing she was more to them than just another fan, but knowing that would never ever happen, she went on her way. In and out of the recording studio, on her way to becoming a professional musician and living her dream. But was that run in the end of her journey with the boys? Might another dream, apart from becoming a musician come true. This is the Story of Meghan McCarthy and the beginning of what seems like the end.


2. Settled

There, the final thing unpacked and hung on the wall. This was a picture of me and my 3 best friends back in the states. The place I called home for 17 years of my life. It was when I was about 14 years old I realized just how much i disliked my home. Just how much i wanted to move out on my own to somewhere foreign. To somewhere no one knew me, my past or any one in it. Don't get me wrong, i didn't have a terrible child hood or anything. But it would be nice to have a fresh start and now one knows my mistakes. 

People say I'm lucky to be an American. Don't get me wrong America can be great and all but some of our customs and habits, it disgusts me. I wanted out! So here I am, in London, with a recording contract that starts in just a week! I couldn't be more excited!

I was just folding up boxes to put into a spare room in the back of my hallway when i heared my stomach growl. That's when i realized i hadn't eaten since i had arrived at my apartment this morning at about 8:00 am. i glanced at the clock on my new stove and realized it was already 1:00 pm! That's near 5 hours without eating! No wonder I'm famished.

I got into a cab since i didn't yet have a car of my own. Driving on the other side of the road would we quite different i think! Plus, maybe I'll buy a new car someday to drive here in London. But for now i was fine with paying the Taxi fee. I told the driver to take me to the nearest Starbucks. Then i plugged in my headphones and just kind of blocked out the world.

The cab stopped right outside a little plaza that must have a Starbucks near. I took my earbuds out at got some cash out of my hand bag that matched my outfit for the day. 

"You have a wonderful voice" the man said with a chuckle. I must have been singing 'Little Things' by One Direction (my favorite boy band) out loud on the short ride here with out realizing it. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks as they must have turned bright red! "Don't be embarrassed," the man said obviously noticing, "You don't see, or well, in this case hear, talent like that everyday. You're going to be a star. I can just tell"

"Thanks" i mumbled shyly as i stepped onto the paved sidewalk. I walked into Starbucks. I ordered my usual grande chai latte. As i looked down to grab some extra change out of my bag i nearly missed what the girl behind the counter had said.

"I'm sorry, i didn't catch that" i said calmly to her as i handed her my extra change.

"I said that i liked you sweater" she told me, just a slight smile on her face. I had almost forgot what i was wearing. I looked down remembering putting on my New York sweatshirt this morning. complimenting my light jeans, scarf ad UGGS. http://www.polyvore.com/friday/set?id=41190330&lid=1289281

"Thank you" i told her wearing a grin on my face.

"Have you ever been? I hear it pretty there during the holiday season!"

"No, i haven't. I've heard that too." I grabbed my latte her coworker set lightly on the counter making sure not to spill anything.

"Well you must be from America. I can tell from your accent!" we both chuckled a little.

"Yes, i am. but I'm from the Chicago area. I have to go, but maybe i'll see you around?" i genuinely asked. She seemed nice. like a person i could get to know. I could also use a friend around here!

"Oh that's nice, and yeah. Maybe!" We exchanged smiles as turned to walk to the door. The next thing i know i was on the ground with a pounding head ache, my latte and someone else's, I'm presuming the persons that knocked me over just a moment ago, coffee, all over my favorite New York sweatshirt the counter girl was just admiring. I sat up and took the now empty cups off off of my lap. Things were a bit blurred in my left eye when i felt something wet on my forehead. I ignored it assuming it was coffee. That's when i just realized the voices of two boys in front of me. One taller than the other. I was still trying to figure out who it was who only one eye with good vision right now. When i realized...



Hey Guys! thanks for reading my Movella so far! You guys have been great and i can't wait to keep writing. I'll tell you, i will Update as much as Possible but most likely it wont be tuesdays or Thursdays because those are the days i have Dance Practice. Especially for the next two weeks it might be a bit hard.

i have 3 practices this week instead of two to prepare for Competition this weeked. Then practice every single day next week for competition Next weekend. I know! Busy! but like i said i will update as often as possible!

So Who do you think will be there to help her? and which of the two might fall for her? or does she fall for someone else? who knows?!?! you will in the next couple chapters! night guys, Love you all <33

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