Within a Picture

Finally! Meghan was out of the states and living on her own. That's when she met her favorite boy band since almost forever! She gets their autographs, take a picture, secretly wishing she was more to them than just another fan, but knowing that would never ever happen, she went on her way. In and out of the recording studio, on her way to becoming a professional musician and living her dream. But was that run in the end of her journey with the boys? Might another dream, apart from becoming a musician come true. This is the Story of Meghan McCarthy and the beginning of what seems like the end.


13. Pen to Paper

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I glanced at my clock, 7:30. i ad gotten around a good 7 and a half hours of sleep. i slowly uncovered myself from first my comforter, then my sheets. My legs limped over the side of the bed and i headed towards the bathroom. 

i looked at myself in the mirror. i looked like a homeless person i swear! I combed out my hair and pulled it back so i could wash my face and brush my teeth without getting crap in it. once i was done freshening up i took my hair down and decided i didn't have enough time to curl it so i straightened it and pulled my bangs back into a braid and pinned it near the back of my ear. 

i walked to my closet and searched for an outfit to wear. I chose light brown skinny jeans, grey knee high boots, a long navy blue sweater, a brown, navy blue, and red scarf, and a red purse to compliment the scarf. http://pinterest.com/pin/77194581084396917/

i was looking every where for my lyric notebook. Then i soon remembered i left it at Niall's and that i went over this with myself yesterday. Nervous, i headed out the door with all the stuff i would need today at the studio ready for the beginning of my future.

I walked into the record label building that was filled with recording studios and dreams inside. I made my way to the front desk where a nice looking young lady looked up and smiled at me.

"Hi, do you have a studio booked today?"she asked me anxious for my answer.

"Umm, i don't know if we are using one today or not but i'm supposed to be meeting with my new manager Juliana " i responded to her. she looked content with my answer after she looked at her computer screen then pressed a little white button on an intercom looking thing.

"Juliana should be out in the matter of seconds Miss Meghan" she smiled at me. a smile of which i returned. i was so nervous for today, i don't know how i would make it through without making my self look like a complete idiot. 

"Hi, Meghan? I'm Juliana" A younger ish, very pretty woman greeted me. she held her hand out for me to shake.

"Hi, i'm obviously Meghan. nice to meet you!" i shook her hand as i started to follow her. "i first want to thank you so much for this opportunity"

we just entered a conference room and she  took a seek at one end of the table. i sat next to her on her right hand side. "Well of course sweet heart. A young girl with talent like yours is to be recognized sweetheart" she gave me a cheesy smile and returned to putting some papers in a file to give to me. "Now these are just some forms, contracts  just a couple don't be too nervous. it's just saying that you will follow the rules and restrictions of the record label as long as you record here and silly stuff like that" she told me. she was really nice so far and she made me comfortable. "so here's a pen and sign this one first saying that you are going to record a 2 singles and an album with us and your name no belongs to Columbia Records." she passed me a pen. i grabbed it and was a bout to sign the paper but my hand was shaking. i was excited, but something was slowing me down, then it just stopped me before i was able to touch my pen to the paper.



A/N: thanks guys for reading and sorry for the short/uneventful chapter, its late but i already know where i am going with this book and it is really good i think and so does my cousin whom I've pitched my idea to and she says she loves it! I'm so excited to keep writing so look out for updates and of course please comment, like, favourite and stuff! love you all<33    ~Meghan M.~

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