Within a Picture

Finally! Meghan was out of the states and living on her own. That's when she met her favorite boy band since almost forever! She gets their autographs, take a picture, secretly wishing she was more to them than just another fan, but knowing that would never ever happen, she went on her way. In and out of the recording studio, on her way to becoming a professional musician and living her dream. But was that run in the end of her journey with the boys? Might another dream, apart from becoming a musician come true. This is the Story of Meghan McCarthy and the beginning of what seems like the end.


16. If You'd Like to Come?

"I'll be right back" I told Juliana while smiling back at Niall. I excused my self from the conversation i was previously having and ran towards Niall slowing down when i got near.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him anxious to see him after the day and a half with no contact.

"So you are the person who is so important as to why we had to switch studios?!" he asked this in a joking manner. He was laughing and I let out a little giggle, although i didn't quite get it. My confusion must have showed on my face because Niall quickly clarified, "We usually... or actually we have always recorded here since the very first day. never in a another studio but hey! i guess it's time for the next big pop star to start their Journey in this Studio" He smiled at me and stared into my eyes, i did the same to him. If i didn't know better i'd say we had a moment but i'm already lucky enough to have him as a friend, like he would ever like me more than that! "But anyway, how is your day going so far?"

"Great actually! I had to write a couple new songs yesterday for today since i forgot my lyric book at your flat. which actually, do you happen to have?" i asked this hopeful. his faced dropped though, and i knew he didn't.

"Well if you'd like to grab it tonight there's going to be a party for Liam and Danielle's 1 year if you'd like to come?" he asked me in his thick Irish accent that i loved so much it made me weak in the knees.

"I'd love to! what time should i come?"

"how about around 7 at Liam's flat? if that's alright. I can give you directions later." he sounded excited, as was I.

"Alright! sounds great, thanks Niall!" i thanked him then pulled out my phone, "if you don't mind," I handed my I Phone out towards him with the contact screen up for him to enter his. Once he noticed he did the same with his blackberry. we exchanged numbers and got our phones back. "So i'll text you around 6:30 for directions!" he smiled at me and nodded as a response. Behind Niall i could see Louis and Harry messing around in the back ground making fun of Niall as banter. I started to giggle and Niall looked behind them and tried to shoo them away but it didn't work.

"Niall!!!!" Louis screamed in a sing-songy, high pitched voice. I started laughing even louder,

"Louis i'm coming in a minute! I'm in the middle of a conversation!" he yelled to him.

"Alright!!" Louis yelled back in the same voice he used before. i let out a last laugh as it faded to just giggles!

"Well you should probably go start recording and i have to finish my last 2 songs for the day!" I smiled at him as i said this. I was excited i got to see him again today! as crazy as it sounds i really missed him yesterday and this morning. has it really only been 2 and a half days since i meet him that one day in Starbucks? yet we were talking here like we have been friends for years. 

"Yeah" he said extending the 'a'. "Well then i guess I'll see you later Miss Meghan" he smiled at me then turned to start walking away.

"Bye" i whispered, blushing slightly. He was about to walk into his recording studio when he turned just a second to early. He bumped into the wall before the doorway and fell back onto his bum! I bursted out laughing and fell to the ground in a fit og giggles. Juliana came out to make sure i was alright. As did Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry. They saw and laughed slightly only seeing the aftermath of Niall's bump into the wall. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt and from the looks of it Niall was in the same state i was. He got up and started walking to make sure he got to the door this time. Looking back at me before he closed the door he walked in disappearing from my sight. I walked into the studio i was recording in and Juliana followed. Once we were both in the room i closed the door behind me and i blushed to myself thinking about the conversation i just had with Niall. 

"Meghan!" Juliana called my name bringing me back to reality, "You ready to record the next to songs of the day? she asked me tired of waiting.

"Oh yeah, of course!" I hopped into the studio grabbed my guitar and just sang.

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