Within a Picture

Finally! Meghan was out of the states and living on her own. That's when she met her favorite boy band since almost forever! She gets their autographs, take a picture, secretly wishing she was more to them than just another fan, but knowing that would never ever happen, she went on her way. In and out of the recording studio, on her way to becoming a professional musician and living her dream. But was that run in the end of her journey with the boys? Might another dream, apart from becoming a musician come true. This is the Story of Meghan McCarthy and the beginning of what seems like the end.


7. 24 hours

Everything was white, but only for a second. i felt a slight draft from what felt like a door opening. I heard foot steps when my vision was back to normal. 'where was i?' i thought. the last thing i remembered was him staring at me with those big blue eyes! Oh Niall! Wait, had i been hanging out with The Niall Horan. Wow! I had my own little party in my head. It really wasn't a dream. That thought was 100% Confirmed when i saw Niall's smiling face above mine. I smiled back at him although it kinda hurt, it was worth it.

"Morning sleepyhead" he said to me.

"Where are we?" I sat up a bit and he was on crutches! "Oh My Gosh and why are you on crutches" i then looked around the room gathering that we were at the hospital. That's when the memories and all the images flashed quickly through my mind. Niall smiling, the shining lights, the impact, the pain. My whole body started to ache. I remembered the sounds of the ambulance and police officers arresting the drunken driver that was driving the wrong way on the street. My eyes widened. I hadn't realized i was crying until Niall wiped a tear off my face and rested his hand on my shoulder. i looked into his eyes, scared.

"I'm sooooo sorry!!" i apologized. This was all my fault wasn't it? I must've caused the accident. if i wouldn't have looked at Niall, he wouldn't have looked at me and he could have dodged the drunk driver.

"Why would you ever be sorry? This isn't your fault you know. it's that drunk driver. Stupid as could be he got in a car after drinking a couple too many pints. eh? don't be sad"

I looked at him. "Yes it's my fault i looked at you. It's my fault your leg is broken, it's my fault for the scratches all over you from the broken glass, it's all my fault!" i started sobbing as he wrapped his arms around me trying to calm me.

"shh" he whispered, "no it's not. hey, its more my fault then yours, and even if it was one of our faults, we would be the ones being charged, no the stupid drunken boy!" he let out a little laugh and i did the same. i pulled out from our hug and we just looked into each others eyes. it was nice, kind of relaxing just sitting there in silence. while i was looking deep into his eyes though, I felt something. something strangely weirdly, wonderful. I've never felt like this before in my life. it felt like home, like as long as i stayed there, i was invincible, like nothing could hurt me, like nothing could hurt him, like the whole world just stopped. Stopped just for us. It was the most amazing feeling i have ever felt in my life. what this boy did to me was explainable  But I've only known him for 24 hours. Could someone, anyone feel like this about another person in that amount of time. I have never really believed in love. but this wasn't love was it? i would have no idea. i have never felt it before but this feeling... wow. If Only...

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