Hope's Tour Diaries

Hi, I'm Hope. I'm going on your with One Direction because I'm dating Niall! I will be telling you all about my 50 days of the tour! Can't wait till tomorrow!!!


3. Day 3 & Day 4

(I'll be combining two chapters at a time ~ means new day)

I woke up the next morning somewhere else in London. I got up, grabbed my crutches, and went into the bathroom to change. I put my shorts and my floral short sleeve on. The short sleeve looked like a Hawaiian shirt. I walked out of the bathroom and joined the boys in the living room.

"Hey boys, and girls." I said almost forgetting Eleanor and Perrie were here.

"Hey." The said in unison.

I sat down beside Niall. We talked about the tour and what we're going to do until they perform. I got up soon and went to use the bathroom. I heard someone fall in the living room, then I heard faint, "Niall?!" I froze wondering if I should go back. I decided to and the bus hit another bump, then I fell, kinda turning then I hit my broken foot on the bed post.

"SHIT!!" I yelled. It hurt so bad, then I heard a few feet running torwards me. I saw Liam and Harry come over. I tried to get up and Liam helps me while Harry got my crutches. He handed them back to me.

"Thanks. Is Niall okay? I heard you guys call out his name."

"The bus hit a bump as he was getting up, then he fell on the table and it shattered into a million pieces into him. Not deep though, we pulled them out and got him bandaged up." Liam said.

"Okay, I was worried out of my head."

I heard someone yell, "Guys! Get in here! Nialls reviving!"

We ran into the room and I saw a Niall in bandages all over his body. He looked like he was in pain.

"Niall? Ate you okay?"

"Yeah, just fell. And it was a dangerous fall."

"Great to know your okay." I kissed his cheek, the one that's not cut.

We talked and talked for hours. Then it turned to eleven so I went to bed and Niall followed. I climbed into bed and he followed. I went to sleep.


I woke up and saw Niall wasn't there. I got up and got dressed, then looked for the boys. The girls were still asleep, I went to watch some TV. Soon a beautiful Eleanor came into the room.

"Hey El." I said.

"Hey Hope. Do you know where the boys are?" She asked.

"No but maybe Perrie knows."

"We'll let's wait for her to wake up and we can ask."


We watched TV for a couple hours and soon a beautiful Perrie comes out.

"Hey guys." She says.

"Hey Perrie." Eleanor and I saw in unison.

"Do you know where the boys are?" El asked

"Yeah, they had to get up early to rehearse and stuff like that."

"Oh I was a little worried." I said.

We watched TV some more, I just realized I've said that a lot, and waited for the guys to come back. James was here watching us. The boys came back soon and we talked for an hour, then it's ten. I go to bed and Niall followed also. We got comfortable and snuggled with each other. I had a wonderful dream.
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