Hope's Tour Diaries

Hi, I'm Hope. I'm going on your with One Direction because I'm dating Niall! I will be telling you all about my 50 days of the tour! Can't wait till tomorrow!!!


16. Day 29 & Day 30

I woke up and heard Louis fall off the bed. I heard him yell and instantly get up.

"SHIT!" He yelled holding his foot.

"You okay?" I asked.

"No! My fucking foot is swollen and I can't walk!" I started to get up and help him.

I helped him onto the bed. I propped his foot up on a pillow and let him sleep. I left the room and went into the living room to find Niall playing video games.

"You winning?"

"Yeah, so far."

"Okay." I sit down and watch him play for a while. Later I heard Louis scream. I jump up and Niall follows. I open the door and he's there clutching his arm with blood all over it. I ran over to him and he told me what happened. Niall shot out of the room and when he came back he told me to leave. I did as told.

When he finally left I went inside to see Louis passed out. Then I remembered my nightmare about Damien(boyfriend before Kyle). He said he would get revenge on someone I loved. He went for Louis. I slid down the wall and cried. Liam came in.

"What's wrong?" He asked coming beside me.

"Damien's back. He went for Louis, someone I loved. Just like he said."

"I'm sure it'll be fine."

"Not with him knowing where we are. You guys are in danger. I have to leave."

"We'll all be fine. I promise."

He continued to calm me down. When he left I went into the extra room that was never used. I looked out the window hoping I'd be fine along with the rest of them. Soon I felt a pain in my back. I fell to the ground in pain as the figure ran off and jumped through the window I was looking through.

"Help!" I yelled. I started drifting off.

"Please! Someone help!" I heard footsteps running but I passed out before noticing who it was.~~~~~~~~~

I woke up on the bed in the spare room. I was dizzy, and my back still hurt. I tried to yell but it hurt too much.

"Ow." I said.

I heard footsteps coming. Then I saw Louis come into the room, on crutches.

"You okay? You were stabbed in the back by someone."

"It still hurts but I'm fine." I said with a croaky voice, losing my voice.

"At least we saved you. You almost died."

"Nice to know. Means I'm weak."

"Not nessecarily. But yes, you're a little weak. And the baby almost died!"

"Wait what do you mean 'baby?!"

"Your pregnant, again."

"Who's child?"


"I have to go through it again! Dangit."

"This time you'll go to a hospital and not have pain. Your only eighteen and you have two children."

"It's sad though."

He left after I said that, but came back with food.

"So how's your foot?" I ask.

"Sprained. No biggy."

"Okay. Try not to hurt it again."

I eat and go to sleep fast. Knowing all this is so painful. And Louis being calm about this is good. He's not willing to punch Niall like he punched Liam when I was pregnant the first time. I'm going to be a mother of two soon.
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