Hope's Tour Diaries

Hi, I'm Hope. I'm going on your with One Direction because I'm dating Niall! I will be telling you all about my 50 days of the tour! Can't wait till tomorrow!!!


15. Day 27 & Day 28

I woke up refreshed. Louis was in the room on the other side of the bed. I watched him sleep. He was adorable. He woke up and I watched his eyes open slowly. He turned his head and smiled when he saw me.

"Hey love." He said.


"How'd you sleep?"

"Good. How was the interview?"

"Different. REALLY different questions."

"Okay. Hope it's nothing bad."

We got up and made breakfast. Pancakes and eggs. We ate them and they were delicious. I went into the living room and watched TV while Louis went and told something to Paul. My thigh just had a muscle spasm or something making it hurt. I groaned. Niall must've heard.

"You okay?" He said when he peeped his head around the corner.

"Yeah, just a muscle spasm."

"You sure? You sounded like you were in a lot of pain."

"It was just my thigh. No biggy."

"Let me see it."

He came in and looked at my thigh, first he looked confused at the bandage. Then Louis came in.

"What are you doing?" He asked walking over to Niall.

"Looking at her thigh. She said she had a muscle spasm."

"Okay, but we need to change the bandage. So it can stay clean."

He takes me into the room with the medical supplies. Niall followed. Louis took the bandage off and got a new one. Niall's eyes widened.

"What happened?!" He asked.

"First, I fell off the bed in my sleep, second, a rock hit the buses window and the glass cut my thigh."

"I think a fan did that."

"Did you not know we hit rocks all the time and some hit the side of the bus?" Louis said.


Niall left and Lou put the bandage on my thigh. We walked back into the living room and watched The X Factor. We saw the rerun of the one Louis was on.

"You were great." I said.


We continued to watch and we saw Zayn perform. He was good too. We sat there watching TV until it cut off. I looked at Louis the same time he looked at me.

"Do you know what happened?" I asked.


We heard Paul yell. "The power went out! No worries!"

"Okay then." Louis said.

The boys and Perrie came in the room. It's good to see her again. She was sick and was in bed lately.

"Louis." They all said.

"What?!" Louis yelled.

"You cut off the power." Liam said.

"No, he didn't. Paul yelled saying the power went out." I said.

"Don't try and defend him." Niall said.

"I'm no-" I was cut off by Niall slapping me hard enough to make me fall off the couch. I hit my thigh hard on the floor.

"Ow." I groaned.

"You okay Hope?" Louis yelled.

"Yeah." I got up but fell to someone kicking me in the stomach.

"NIALL!!!" Louis yelled.

I was terribly out of breath. Louis carried me to our room and I slept for the rest of the day.~~~~~~~~~

I woke up and had another horrible pain. It was in my stomach. Then I tasted blood. I coughed and some came out of my mouth. I nudged Louis, but he said 'Arrrr Hope.'.

I nudged him harder, but not too hard. By the way my mouth was closed and the blood was running from the corner of my mouth. Louis got up in an irritated tone.

"What?" He said.

"Something's wrong." I said.

"Like what?!" He yelled.


He turned his head and quickly softened up. He ran out of the room and got a rag to hold against my mouth to help stop it from bleeding out of my mouth.

[time laps]

I was on the couch after the bleeding incident. I laid there wondering. Why has Niall acted mean around me at times? Ever since the break up he would treat me fine but when he's annoyed he'd let it out on me. I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up and found out I was on a bed, legs and arms tied to corners of the bed. From what I've read, I'll be raped. Niall comes in and talks to me but I zone out. He comes over to me and he rapes me. He dresses and unties me. I walk into Louis and I's bedroom. It hurt so much to move. I sat down and cried. A few minutes later Louis comes in.

"What's wrong?" He sits down beside me.

"I can't tell you. You'll kill...never mind."

"You can trust me. I won't kill anyone."

"Niall, he ra-" I couldn't continue.

"Raped you?" I nodded.

He called for Niall. He came in and his eyes widened.

"I was angry about something management wants me to do-" he tried to explain. But he broke down in tears. He slid down the wall and cried.

"Niall, its fine. You didn't do it on purpose." I told him.

"I'm a dumbass."

"Niall, your not." Louis said.

He walked over to Niall and sat down beside him. I did too.

"It's fine Niall." Louis soothed. Louis kept saying soothing things while I rubbed Niall's back.

He lifted his head up and I saw his eyes were red and puffy. I told Louis to leave for a while. He left and I was alone with Niall.

"What were you saying about management?" I asked.

"They wanted me to do something that was pretty much a giant lie. I couldn't lie to fans. I was angry and I raped you. I'm sorry." He said starting to cry again.

"Niall it's fine. I'm not mad."

He lifted his head up and I kissed his cheek. He perked up real fast. He stood up and wiped his tears. Then he leaned in and kissed my cheek as well.

"I'm glad your not mad." He said.

"Why would I blame you for something management started."

We talked for a minute then louis came back in and we went to bed. It's been a hard day.
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