Hope's Tour Diaries

Hi, I'm Hope. I'm going on your with One Direction because I'm dating Niall! I will be telling you all about my 50 days of the tour! Can't wait till tomorrow!!!


9. Day 15 & Day 16

After some of the fighting yesterday I blacked out, like I said. I woke up and felt strange. I felt weaker and like there was nothing inside me. I felt...empty. I don't know how to explain it but I'm sure one of you've woken up feeling this way.

I opened my eyes all the way and felt something in my mouth. You know, one of those pad things(sounded wrong right there!) that they put in your mouth to help you to not swallow blood, I had one of those. I tried to talk but it hurt so bad! I laid there until Niall walked in. He had a swollen mouth and black eye. He handed me a notepad and pencil to write on.

'What happened to your mouth and eye?' (This is how I'm going to right if its writing!)

"Harry and Louis. They were mad and beat me up."

'What happened to me?'

"You went to the hospital because you blacked out. You lost a lot of blood but luckily I had the same type and donated some."

'How's the boys? Liam?' I wrote.

"They're fine, just a couple black eyes and swollen mouths and stuff like that. Liam..." He drifted off.

'Is he okay?!'

"Kinda. He's in bad condition though. Two black eyes, broken arm and nose, he also can't speak or anything. He falls at the oddest times and he blacks out more than anything else. He's beat up bad."

'Poor Liam. He never did anything. He's the second sweetest guy I know.'

"Who's the sweetest?"

'You babe.' I hugged him cause I couldn't really move my mouth period.

"Look I started it. I shouldn't have punched Liam."

'Niall it's my fault. If I didn't annoy him this wouldn't have happened and you guys would be in perfect condition.'

We talked like this for hours. Then went into the living room and saw the other boys. They looked terrible. Liam wasn't there though, kinda obvious. Louis' left eye was swollen shut and had a swollen cheek/jaw. Zayn had a badly swollen lip and his hand was as black as night. Harry had scratches all over his face and a right black eye that was swollen shut. And here I am with a swollen jaw and couldn't talk.

"Hey guys." They said. Perrie and Eleanor were here comforting them(forgot to mention). I sat down beside Louis. He gave me a sorry look followed by the other guys. He held up a notebook and wrote in it.

'Hope, I'm terribly sorry for accusing you of hurting Liam. You wouldn't do that.'

'Its fine Louis. Do you need ice?'

'You don't have to get any if you don't want too.'

'I'm going to get some. BRB ;).' (I was writing so why not?).

I made him some ice when I felt dizzy coming back. I felt weak in the knees and started getting closer to the ground. Then I just slipped and fell. I heard someone coming, then as I almost saw who it was I blacked out.~~~~~~~~~

I woke up on the couch. Niall was watching me and playing on his phone. He saw me wake up and smiled. I grabbed my notepad and wrote on it.

'What happened?'

"You slipped and blacked out. You are getting pretty weak."

'Am I going to be okay?'

"Yeah you'll be fine."

We sat there in silence for a little while and then turned on the TV and watched Friends. At a funny part I tried not to laugh but it hurt so bad a let out a little groan(that's all she can do so...).

"You okay babe?" Niall asked.

'Just hurt myself.'

That was our last conversation of the day and stopped watching the marathon of Zeke and Luther and went to bed for the night.

(A/N: sorry for the short day two in this chapter, just had a brain fart! So you guys that read this NEED to check out a few people. MasterCheese is so funny! Mr Skittle! And Kelsea! She's so original and makes really good 1D fan fics. Perfect writing for both if them. If you read this tell me what you think of them in the comments! Okay bye until tomorrow!)
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