Hope's Tour Diaries

Hi, I'm Hope. I'm going on your with One Direction because I'm dating Niall! I will be telling you all about my 50 days of the tour! Can't wait till tomorrow!!!


7. Day 11 & Day 12

*I got up and felt different. I got up and saw no one was here. It's too early to do anything. Soon I felt the presence of someone. I turned around and saw someone. It was my...father?! He used to abuse me all the time over something silly like forgetting to get beer. He grabbed me by my hair and carried me into a room. There I saw some bloody bodies. It took a while to figure out who they were. Then I realized.

"NO! LIAM,HARRY,LOUIS,NIALL,ZAYN! What did you do to them?!"

"The same thing I'm going to do to you. Kill you obviously."

"You can't do this."

"Watch me."

He got closer to me with the knife and just as it started cutting my skin it turned white.

"SHIT!!!" I yelled. I woke up and fell off the bed.

"Woah are you okay?!" Niall yelled.

"Yeah I've been having weird nightmares."

"Okay, come back to bed. Oh and snuggle with me."


I get up and climb back in bed with him. It was 5am and I fell back asleep. When I woke up I went in the bathroom and changed. I brushed my teeth and stuff like that. I then went into the living room to see the guys playing a game.

"About time." Liam says. I look at the clock and see its 4pm. Oops?

"I can't help certain things. Lets hang out for the other hour."


We talk and everything until a few minutes until we leave. Then Nialls asks me a question.

"What was your nightmare about babe?"

"Do I have to tell? It creeps me out when I talk about it."


"Okay, so I woke up reeeealy early and you guys weren't there. I looked around until I felt like someone was there. Thinking it was Niall I turned around and saw my dad, he used to abuse me, and he carried me into a room. I saw you guys dead on the floor and he said he would do the same to me so he started cutting my skin with his knife. By the way it took a while before I could recognize you."

"Woah." The chorused.

"Come on boys!" Paul yelled.

They left and I decided to stay and think it over. Then I fell asleep for the night.~~~~~~~~

I woke up in real life feeling no one was there. I started to panic obviously. Then I walked into the kitchen and saw Louis eating cereal.

"Do you know where the boys are?" I asked him scaring him a little.

"Yeah, they went to talk to management about something, I stayed because I didn't know what it was."

"Okay, makes more since. Thought my nightmare came true."

"Haha do you want to play a video game?"


We get into the room and play Little Big Town 2™. (I don't have it, lets say there's a two if there is.) I kept beating him and soon the boys came back and saw my score and laughed at Louis. Paul came in the room and told me to come with him. I was scared I did something.

We walked into a different room and he talked to me in private.

"Niall says he's heard you sing and he says you sound good. I would like to know if its true. Would you give me a sample?"

"Yeah." I sung the chorus of Rock Me. He smiled when I stopped.

"Great job."


"Would you like to be the opening act for the band? The others just left for something else."

"Uh sure. Why not?"

He grinned and let me go, he told the boys and they were really happy. Especially Louis since he didn't know. We played Little Big Town 2™ again until around 11pm. I went to bed followed by Niall and we cuddled all night because we were both happy.
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