The Power Of Being Yourself

The power of being yourslf is worth a thousand tears. Be yourself and let others see you for who you are.


1. The Power Of Being Yourself

The power of being yourself

It gives you so much

Love, joy, happiness,

So much more


Being honest with others

As well as yourself

A loving heart

Wanting to help others


Don't steal or kill

Being yourself is the answer

Love others more then yourself

The power of being yourself


Will bring you love

Someone to love for the rest of your life

Open your heart let love walk in

It is the most amazing feeling in the world


To hear your sweet love say I love you

Give them respect if you want respect

Give a commitment and mean it

Don't say anything you do not mean


Never put others down

Be there always for your love

Don't try to change them

Take them as they are


A love worth waiting for

Is a love worth having

Always be honest with your love

Show them how much you truly love them


The power of being yourself

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