The managers daughter( the x factor boyband playback love story)

Megan is a normal 16 year old except that her step dad manages the uprising boyband playback the band includes Johnny maxwell, austin corini, Brandon Hassan, josh metzler and Owen Stuart. When it's take your child to work day Megan's step dad takes Megan to met the group and one of the group members falls for Megan but will Megan fall for one of them?


2. Getting to know playback

Megan's POV
I extended my hand out for the guys to shake as they finished shaking my hand jake began to talk so I sat down on a chair and pulled out my phone and started to check my messages. When ever I looked up I saw Johnny stareing at me. I smiled at him and he grinned at me. After about a couple of minutes jake stood up and was talking on the phone. So Megan tell us about yourself said josh. Well i love music, my favorite sport to watch is baseball and my favorite colors are purple, pink and black I say. Owen began to talk but jake inturpeted. Guys it's about 1:00 do you want to go get food? Asked jake. Sure they replied heading toward the door. I got up and walked behind Johnny to the elevator. We went across the street to a panda express and the band and I sat at a booth while jake sat at table a few feet away from us. When we were eating I saw a shadow behind me and saw Harry styles. Hey Hazza I say. Hi megan how's it going? He asked Hugging me. Good just eating lunch I say. Oh this must be the new band jake is manageing said Harry. Yep Harry meet playback I say. Nice to meet you he said. Hey blondie said a voice. I turned around and saw liam Payne. Hi liam I say Hugging him. Wow you got taller last time I saw you said liam. Thanks I say. So Megan zayn is here, would you like to say hi to him said Harry. No thanks I say. Megan he really misses you just go and say hi to him said liam. I'm sorry I just don't want to talk to him I say. Okay it was nice seeing you they said. I watched them walk back to there table and I saw zayn look up, he smiled and waved. Then all of a sudden i saw Perrie run up and kiss him. Are you okay Megan? Asked Johnny. I smiled at him and nodded. Yeah I'm fine I say
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