The managers daughter( the x factor boyband playback love story)

Megan is a normal 16 year old except that her step dad manages the uprising boyband playback the band includes Johnny maxwell, austin corini, Brandon Hassan, josh metzler and Owen Stuart. When it's take your child to work day Megan's step dad takes Megan to met the group and one of the group members falls for Megan but will Megan fall for one of them?


1. Meeting the band

Megan's pov
I Woke up on a normal wednesday morning but instead of going to school I was going to work with my step dad, since it was bring your child to work day it was Eather go to school or go to work with jake. So I chose to go to work with him. What jake does is he manages boybands. Your probubly wondering it must be amazing for him to manage boybands. But for me it's not that exciting. Well you see jake used to manage one direction and I dated zayn malik but he cheated on me with Perrie Edwards I was heartbroken after that and then my stepdad began to manage a new band and today I was going to meet them.
After I got dressed I put on my makeup put on my SnapBack hat and grabbed my phone and went down stairs.
Morning mom, jake I said grabbing an apple.
Morning kiddo ready to go? Asked jake.
Yep I stated.
He grabbed his keys and we drove down to the recording studio where the band will be recording.
Zayn won't be there will he? I ask.
Don't worry he won't said jake.
After a couple of minutes we pulled into the parking lot and went up to the studio.
As jake opened the door 5 guys turned and looked our way.
Guys I would like you to meet my step daughter Megan.
Megan meet Johnny maxwell, brandon Hassan, Austin corini, josh metzler and Owen Stuart also known as playback
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