The Call That Changed My Life

Victoria is 19 year old girl, who always loved one direction and one day when she goes to a one direction meet and greet with her sister Brianna Liam Payne slips his number in to her purse what will she think when she finds it?


2. The Call

     Victoria P.O.V


                   I called very nervously, after the third ring he picked up. Hello he said with his lovely british accent. Umm... Hi my named is Victoria and i found your number in my purse, this is Liam right? Yes my love this is Liam and i thought you would never call. There was a moment of silence until he finally said i really would like to meet you, i will be in New York till next week with no concerts after today would you like to meet my love? Of course I would! How about tomorrow? That would be great he said. How about at Central Park at 2:00. That would be great! Ok see you tomorrow! Bye. Bye my love. 

Brianna come here please. Yes. I just called Liam! OMG what did he say??? He wants to meet me tomorrow at Central Park! Really? Ya i answered. What are you gonna wear! Im going to iron my hair and wear shorts and a plaid shirt. Im so excited for you sis! Thanks I hope it goes well cause he is so cute and i hope he is nice, i know he will be nice and sweet and everything i thought he would be.

How about if we start dating omg that would be so awesome! Now dont start jumping to conclusions Victoria! Ok fine


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