The Call That Changed My Life

Victoria is 19 year old girl, who always loved one direction and one day when she goes to a one direction meet and greet with her sister Brianna Liam Payne slips his number in to her purse what will she think when she finds it?


5. The Big Question

*3 years later*

Victoria P.O.V


Liam told me that he wanted to go out for a romantic dinner. It was 3:00 pm and he wanted to go at ^:00 pm which only left me 3 hours. I jumped in the shower and then got ready . Once i was done i put on some makeup and then left to meet Liam. We got their and ate and he said he had a important question for me he got down on his knee and said i love you and forever will will u marry me? Of course i will liam i love you!

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