The Call That Changed My Life

Victoria is 19 year old girl, who always loved one direction and one day when she goes to a one direction meet and greet with her sister Brianna Liam Payne slips his number in to her purse what will she think when she finds it?


3. The Big Day


Victoria P.O.V


Its 11:00 am, I need to get ready. I go to my room get to the bath room and take a shower making sure not to get my hair wet since im going to iron it i get dressed and start ironing my hair by the time im done it is 1:15 pm. I still need to get my makeup done so i do it ver fastly still making it look good.


I ask my sister to drive me to the park, and in a matter of minutes we arrive. Brianna im gonna call you when i see him ok. Ok Bye. as soon as i get out of the car i see him and the first thing i do is call mi sister i see him when i get close im gonna say bye ok. Ok. Bye sis. Bye. Hi Liam, im Victoria. Hi my love. Wow his british accent is cuter than on the phone! We chatted for awhile until he gets a phone call. Sorry please excuse me. Ok no problem. He comes back in anout 2 minuets. That was the lads and they want to meet you would you like to come Victoria? Um... Sure i would love to meet them.


After 20 minuets we got to the hotel and into the elevator, when he said something  to me I really like you even tho we just meet will you be my girlfriend? I was so shocked but i said yes anyway he seemed really nice.

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