The Call That Changed My Life

Victoria is 19 year old girl, who always loved one direction and one day when she goes to a one direction meet and greet with her sister Brianna Liam Payne slips his number in to her purse what will she think when she finds it?


4. One direction

We finally got upstairs to the hotel room and there stood 4 boys, of course they were Harry,Louis, Niall and Zayn. I greeted everyone and Liam introduced me to them. We all had our conversations when Liam said to go to my place i really didnt know why tho. I really wanted to know but Liam just would not tell me. WE got to my place and we cuddled and watched toy story. After we had watched all the toy stories 1, 2 ,3 it was about 12 am and i didnt want him to go home so he slept over. And we got some action in.

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