The Call That Changed My Life

Victoria is 19 year old girl, who always loved one direction and one day when she goes to a one direction meet and greet with her sister Brianna Liam Payne slips his number in to her purse what will she think when she finds it?


1. The Day

            Victoria P.O.V


        When me and Brianna finally got home I went in my purse to search for my phone when I saw a note. I opened it up an read it, it said :  Call me <3 (654)-545-6654 - Liam! Omg did i just read this I went to Brianna and showed her the note she replied what are you waiting for call him! I dont know if I should how about if it was a joke? How about if it isnt you will never know unless you call brianna says tempting me to call him. So I did.

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