Hunting of the Wizard

Harry Potter is finally out of Hogwarts, and he decides to travel the country. Little did he know he would stumble upon the very same city that Sam and Dean Winchester are in, and they are studying a new type of supernatural: wizards.


1. Leaving Hogwarts

Harry's POV

"We're going to miss you, Harry!" Hermoine shouted to Me as I walked through the doors of my home. Well, it seemed like it, I belonged there so well. This was the day I left Hogwarts. I escape through the doors, not knowing where to go. I just kept walking. And walking. Then, I ended up back in the underground train station. I went back to the surface to find a taxi.

When I finally got one, I returned home to get all of my things. Then, I went to the airport. I was going somewhere no one could find me: Wisconsin.

I figured Wisconsin because it is warm right now, and I won't stay long. I'm going to travel the whole country.


"Excuse me sir, but could you switch us seats? I want to sit next to my wife." Some random guy came up to me.

"No, I don't mind. Where do you sit?"

"Over there, across the row." walked over to my new seat. I was next to a screaming baby, and his business working father, screaming on the phone. Oh god. This was going to be a HORRID flight.

As soon as I sat down, the baby was quiet. Huh, that was weird. Oh, well. It made the flight less worse. Once that happened, the man just closed his flip-phone, and looked at me in admiration. "How did you get him to shut up?"

"I don't know. I just sat down." He looked happy, and just fell asleep. I decided to do the same as him. 

This flight wouldn't be so bad after all.

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