Stole My Heart

"You stole My heart" all 5 boys repeated the same sentence to her.

20 girls have been chosen to take part in a reality tv series. To steal one direction's hearts away.

Alice Elizabeth Ambrose, a shy insecure 17 year old girl. She didn't want this. She didn't sign up. But her mom did and sent her picture in and that was all they needed before she got accepted.

But there's a catch. Alice has a twin sister. Maddison Debra Ambrose. Can the boys tell the 2 apart? And what about the other girls. For all Alice knows she could get eliminated in the blink of an eye. Or can she steal their hearts?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Kayla's point of view

I walked my little sister Emily home from her kindergarten class. I didn't go to school today. Instead I prepped for what will be the best 8 weeks of my life.

We had to take the sidewalk. Didn't want to reach Emily bad things like jay walking.

We started crossing and I started texting my mom, asking her to make sure she knew where my favourite dress is. I plan to dazzle Zayn with that dress.

All of I sudden I hear the screeching of brakes and a scream. I look up terrified.

But I feel relieved. This a**hole nearly hit my little sister. Thinking he's all big and mighty with his big truck.

But it's not a guy like I assume. It's actually a girl and she looks my age.

"Hey, do you know what you just almost did?" I yelled at her. She was inspecting her nails.

"Yeah, watch where your sister is next time" she snaps back.

"What's your name?" I ask climbing up to the can of the truck. I try to look as threatening as possible. Little Emily is now sitting on the sidewalk.

"I'm Claire Sephora. My daddy probably hired yours so you had better watch your mouth." She said at me all snappy like. That hit a sore spot. Dad died last year in a serious car crash.

I attempted to open the door. Smart, she locked it. She won't be that smart next time. I thought to myself.

I climbed down and jogged over to Emily. Claire drove away.

"Hey Em want a piggy back ride?"I asked her.

"Yeah! Yay! Thank you Lala" Emily said all cute like. I squatted down so that she could get on my back.

Character courtesy of @LarryGotSome


Claire's point of view

Ugh. That b****. She so should have been watching her sister. Whatever! I thought as I texted Maddison and Ashley. Even though I haven't seen Maddison in over a year, we still text. She moved away about 15 months ago. I hope to see her soon. As for Ashley, we stick together. Like glue.

To: Monique

"Hey guys just nearly ran over a little girl and met this b****. Hope to never see her again when I win Zayn as my boyfriend!"

I finished my text and continued driving. I have a lot of packing to do tonight.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Hehe I made this character!


Mackenzie's point of view

There! I thought to myself as i packed the last t-shirt. Now all I have left is to pack my cameras and equipment.

Incase you didn't know? Photography is my life. I have numerous cameras and I love posing in front of a mirror with my camera. I hope to take many photos in the next 8 weeks.

Lets see, cords to download photos, chargers, USB sticks, the cameras (5 in total)

Looks like i have everything. I packed it up and zipped it into a separate suitcase.

I decided to take a walk. Walking will calm my nerves. My mind just won't stop screaming at me "you are meeting one direction tomorrow!!!"

Stupid mind.

"Hey lil bro" I said to Allan, my 2 year old brother. He's less than have my age. Why you may ask? Well mom and dad first decided they just wanted me. But when I turned 16 they decided I was too easy and wanted another. Ugh, why parents why? Though, Allan is pretty cute.

"Macky" he said to me. "What al?" I responded. He started giggling. Oh Al.

I walked out the front door, my flowy summer dress gently moved with the slight breeze.

I walked into the park. Feeling picturistic with my excited mood I pulled out my mini camera I carry with me every where. I love it cause it hardly ever needs to be charged and, well it's mini. It's like the worlds cutest camera.

I took pictures of the kids playing on the playground. Then of the watchful parents. Like the world is at peace around them.

I put my mini away and sat on the swing until it got dark. Then I slowly began my walk home, occasionally doing little skips.


•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Character courtesy of @xNeonKiss


Nicole's point of view

"And then, standing there was one direction" I finished the last sentence in my fan fiction I was writing. I decided to save the details about one direction for after I meet them. Then I can say to the people on wattpad, "yeah they really are like that! Because I met them!"

"Darling are you sure you want to go? This is probably just a faze. You will want to come home in a few days" I heard my mom say from the the doorway (hey that rhymed")

The first few times my mom said that it depressed me. It said to me "you are supposed to be growing up," criticism depressed me ever since I started getting bullied in school.

I remember it clearly. It was Claire Sephora, Monique Debra and Maddison Ambrose.


"Hey Nicky, want some cookies?" Maddison asked me.

"No wait. Nicky doesn't want any. It will only make her fatter" Monique added snickering.

Not the greatest meanest, bullying but this was grade 3. That continued until grade 10 when Maddison moved away and Claire and Ashley moved onto bully others. That was about 15 months ago. But it still hurts today.

Either way, I am gonna try for Harry, Niall or Zayn. In my heart, all of them are cute but I have soft spots for those 3.

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••character courtesy of @nicole1dlover


Alaina's point of view

(Just want to apologize in advance to @BellaPayne. I had to edit Alaina a bit to fit in the story. I will attempt to keep things as close to the character you described as possible. Again I'm sorry! :))

Walking down my street I see someone from my school. I avidly wave but she doesn't give me a second glance. Party pooper.

"Hey mom, hey dad" I say as I walk in. As usual they ignore. Too preoccupied with their work. Oh well no hi for them.

There is a pile of old mail sitting on the counter. I choose to sift through it. Maybe there's coupons? Or maybe a sears catalogue?

Lets see, junk, junk junk. Bill. Junk. Junk, junk bill.

"Mom here you go" I said as I passed everything to her for her to sift through.

She boredly looks through it as I begin to walk down the hall towards my bedroom.

"Hey Alaina did you look through this?" Mom called down the hallway.

"Yeah, nothing of interest" I replied back.

"Are you sure?" Dad calls.

"I think soo. Let me look" I say coming back down the hallway. Mom hands me one envelope. It's bright Pink and has my name on it in bold. How didn't I see this? I can tell mom already opened it as she beams at me.

I start to read the letter

"Dear Alaina you have been one of the 20 selected to participate in a reality tv show with one direction..."

"Mom what does this mean?" I ask her. Reality tv? I didn't sign up for this. I remember flipping through a magazine and sending a picture of myself because it told me to. But other than that.. Oh wait. Haha.

"Alaina you are going on tv!" Dad says and both my parents beam. Oh yay this will be fun.

Again, I'm really sorry!

Just letting everyone know as well, Wednesday is my new upload day. Except for Halloween. I will probably post on either the 30th or the 1st. I can't upload every day cause school.

Anyway right now I've got homework. Yay. No sarcasm intended. Yeah that's right I'm a nerd, gotta problem? No? Good. Haha :)

I don't want to delay the actual tv show any longer so if your character hasn't gotten a pov yet (with the exception of Kayden marsh, our host) will get a pov during or after the show.

Thanks for reading! :)
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