Stole My Heart

"You stole My heart" all 5 boys repeated the same sentence to her.

20 girls have been chosen to take part in a reality tv series. To steal one direction's hearts away.

Alice Elizabeth Ambrose, a shy insecure 17 year old girl. She didn't want this. She didn't sign up. But her mom did and sent her picture in and that was all they needed before she got accepted.

But there's a catch. Alice has a twin sister. Maddison Debra Ambrose. Can the boys tell the 2 apart? And what about the other girls. For all Alice knows she could get eliminated in the blink of an eye. Or can she steal their hearts?


1. Chapter 1

Just a special thanks to @LarryGotSome
@weheartONEDIRECTION @IJ_love1D


Who each created one of the 20 girls! (With the exception of @XxSoonNoticed who created Kayden Marsh, our host!)

Now, onto the show, dunt dunt da da!!!

Chapter 1

Alice's point of view

"Point toe, step, second position" I reminded myself as I practiced ballet. My last chance to for at least the next week. Possibly longer but I doubt it.

I'm ugly, and awkward. No ounce of grace in me. I don't know why I am in ballet but I'm glad I am. Even though my mom signed me up against my will. It makes me feel free.

But yet another thing has come up against my will. My mother has signed me up for a reality tv show in which 20 teenage girls compete for 1 direction's hearts. In my opinion it's just crazy. I'm not an overly obsessed fan girl. Though I do like their music, stalk their twitter, scream when their song comes on the radio.

Ok, fine. I'm halfway to obsessed. Happy? Good.

"Third position, jump skip" I mutter to myself.

"Ready to go home Ali?" My older brother Nick asked from the door.

"Yeah, let's go" I said picking up my bag.

"I can take that for you sis" he said and took the strap of the bag and slung it over his shoulder like it weighed nothing.

You are probably thinking, wait siblings that get along? Not possible. But it's possible just like Liam Payne's fear of spoons. You see, Nick and my sister Maddison did all the fighting. I always step to the side and stop their fighting and bickering. I'm the peace keeper between the 3 of us.

Maddison and I are twins, but looks are just about the only things that we have in common. She likes bananas I like strawberries. She is an overly obsessed fan girl, I'm not. She's popular, I'm fine with a few friends. I get excellent grades, she parties off her school days.

We get in Nick's car and Nick starts the engine. Nick and I look kinda a like, not really. Nick looks more like dad. Maddison and I are like younger replicas of my mom. We both have light brown hair while Nick's was dark brown which can be mistaken as black. I have brown eyes, he has gorgeous baby blues in which I am jealous.

The ride home was anything but silent.

"Ali do you want ice cream?" Nick asked me as he pulled up to the Dairy Queen drive through.

"Yeah sure Nicky could you get me a Oreo blizzard please?" I asked in my sweetest voice.

"Well I'm not getting you one" Nick said as he ordered his and placed his hand over my mouth.

He drove up to the pick up window. "I hate you" I whispered to him, making it sound deadly.

"Love you too sissy poo" he said sickly happy. I wanted ice cream! He got his cookie dough blizzard, in extra large I may add.

"You want some, go get some" he said with his mouth full pointing to the door.

"Fine" I grumbled getting out and picking up my wallet. I walked in and luckily no line! Yay!

I walked right up to the counter.

"I would like an extra large Oreo blizzard please?" I asked the girl at the counter.

"Hey would your name happen to be Alice Ambrose? I heard you are going on that reality tv show?" She asked me making my mood deflate further

"Yeah that's me" I replied nonchalantly.

"Louis is mine!" She growled.

"Umm ok then" I said kinda getting creeped out.

"I'm just kidding, I'm Basil Carter Donavon. Also on the show. I hope we can be friends?" She said out of the blue.

I was shocked. This girl, she's funny. I thought to myself.

"Yeah of course!" I replied holding my hand out.

"Let's stick together" she said joining her and hand in mine as we shook hands.

"This one is on the house" she said handing me my blizzard. Mmmm ice cream.

"Thank you" I said walking away. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

"My ice cream was ffrrreeeee!! I gloated to Nick.

"Yeah yeah gloat all you want. Just be jealous mom isn't sending me away even though I'm older." Nick said back. That one stung a little as I thought about it. Nick is old enough to go to college, 23 but mom didn't force it on him. Yet I'm 18 and she's sending me and Maddie away on an "adventure"

I started tearing up a bit. Nick swore,

"aww s***! Ali I'm sorry I forgot how sensitive you are!" He said pulling over and engulfing me in a big bear hug.

"That's ok Nicky. Now drive I've gotta get home and pack." I retorted back at him.

We arrive at home and I pick up my bag and run in side. I took too long though and have to start tossing things in my suitcase. One direction t-shirt? No, don't want them to think I'm a freak. Cute graphic tees, warm sweaters, boots, ballet flats, ballet uniform Incase I get a chance to practice and a few dresses. There done. Only mission now, is to sleep.

I fall back on my covers attempting. But no matter what, I can't sleep. I'm jittering. I decided to take out my phone and watch those x-factor video diaries.

I pulled up the very first one, to the very last one watching every second. From "I like girls who eat carrots" "simple but effective" and my favourite "No, jimmy protested!"

Finally falling into a deep slumber.

"You are too ugly you have been, eliminated" a giant Louis Tomlinson yelled at me.

"Such a coward" Harry said.

"She's so pudgy and fat!" Niall retorted. His face full of hate.

No, no, no I shrieked. I heard them all chuckling at me until I hit the floor. Then a line voice laughed at me.

"Oh Ali. A nightmare? I heard you all the way from my room" Nick said as he picked me up and put me back in bed. He curled up beside me. I lay my head on his shoulder.

"Ali don't worry about these guys. Worse comes to worse you come home next week and we throw popcorn whenever we hear about them ok?" Nick said sleepily.

"But you are beautiful, I know you haven't noticed but all the guys in your class lust after you, all asking me for dating tips. Since I know them well from co-coaching them for gym class. I bet you can make them all fall in love with you without trying" Nick said so sweetly. I tried to reply but he had already fallen asleep. Noisy Nick with his snoring. But I couldn't ask for a better brother. I slowly fell asleep too.
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