Total Life Change

Rachel was a Normal 18 year old girl until she met One Direction! They talked and she got their number and one member starts to flirting with her! Which Member of One Direction Makes his move? What will Rachel do with her life?


1. Walking in London

Rachel Scott is a normal 18 year old girl. One Day she decided to take a walk and she stopped at starbucks and Stopped at her friend Emily's house then she look at her iPhone and it said 5:56 pm so she said " Oh Gosh I have to get home!" She sprints and she looked at the clock and it said 6:25 pm. Rachel says " I have to be home by 7:00 pm!!! And I'm nowhere near home!!!" then she fell to the ground realizing she bumped into someone. She looks up and sees five boys who she reconizes as one direction!! She said "Oh My" but before she could finish the five boys helped her up. She stares into Lou's eyes, then Zayn's, then Liam's, then Niall, and Finally she comes across Harry. "Hi" Harry says. "H-h-h-hi Harry" Rachel says very nervously. "Do you need a ride home?" Lou says. "Yeah how did you know?" Rachel states. Zayn remarks "We Just know!" Rachel Smiled. The guys escorted Rachel to their car and they drove off to 233 Kendall Rd.
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