Heart Attack

Haley and Jillian are going to meet their idols but what happens when one of them has an accident and they become closer than they thought they would get.


5. Chapter 4


Hey everyone,
I AM SOOOO SOORY!!! I know it has taken me forever to update but I swear it will not happen again. Just a quick note, I am going to Rottnest on Boxing Day and I won't have internet so I can't publish anything but I will be writing everyday, so I will come back with loads of chapters for you. Thank you and have a lovely Christmas. PS: There isn't much. SORRY!!!



Haley’s POV:


I woke up to the sound of my dog Oscar snoring. I got out of my sheets and stood on my bed. I stretched a little then jumped a bit. I was about to jump off the bed onto the floor when I remembered that Jillian was sleeping on the air mattress below me. I looked down and saw her stomach lift and drop with each breath. I remembered a One Direction video she showed me of Harry and Zayn sleeping at Harry’s bungalow when they were on the X-Factor and Niall, Louis and Liam sung a song to wake them up. I went and grabbed my guitar from across the room, walked over to the air mattress silently and played the song to get her up. When she woke up she knew exactly what I meant by singing the song, so she reenacted what Harry did at the end of the video. We both just cracked up laughing, but then we suddenly stopped and remembered…


Louis’ POV:


I was silently sleeping in my bed at the hotel in Perth when I heard a tap run. I thought it was just Niall freshening up but then I felt a wave of freezing water hit my face and sat straight up in the bed while screaming. Niall fell onto the floor laughing and Harry started laughing in the doorway as well. The other boys came in and asked what happened but I couldn’t finish telling them what happened before I started laughing myself, so Harry just showed them the video and when I screamed they cracked up laughing. Soon we were just a group of laughing pigs (some of us snorting). This is why I love my life. I have great mates and an awesome job that involves waking up every morning to sing songs and just be happy. Laughing with my family and friends helps take my mind off the whole fame thing, I mean fame is a big thing and it can load up pressure but laughing and having fun just calms me and frees me from some stress. Niall, the boys and I calmed down and then Niall and I remembered…


Niall’s POV:


{5 minutes earlier}

I was woken up by Harry who came up and shook me while I was silently sleeping. I was dreaming about Jillian and how her long, light brown hair flows across her shoulders and how her dark brown eyes glint in the light. Harry and I had a silent conversation that involved talking about interviews that were coming up and concerts. “Should I wake Lou up?” Harry asked in a whisper.

“No, I’ll do it. Watch.” I replied. I silently got out of the bed and told Harry to wait in the doorway. I ran silently into the laundry down the hall and grabbed the bucket and ran back to our room. Harry was taking pictures of Louis’ face while he slept and was posting them on twitter. I couldn't help taking one photo of him. He looked really cute! I texted the photo to Jillian knowing that she would laugh at it. I told her to send it to Haley as well. Harry put his phone on video recorder and stood in the doorway as I filled up the bucket. I walked over to the bed where Louis was silently sleeping and threw the water at him. He jumped up in the bed and screamed. Liam and Zayn ran in and their faces only made me laugh harder. Harry showed them the video and they almost fell to the floor. Louis and I calmed down and remembered that today we were going to the movies and out to lunch with Haley and Jillian. We both told the boys what was happening today and they were pretty happy about it. “We better leave you too luuuuurrrrrve birds to get reading because it’s already ten o’clock and your supposed to be at Dome at twelve.” Liam said.


Jillian’s POV:


{at Dome}

We walk in to find that Dome was crowded. As usual. We walk up to the counter and begin to order. It is kind of hard for Haley and I to order because Haley has a disease called Celiac (google it) and I am allergic to dairy and eggs. “I’ll just have a soy hot chocolate please.” I say to the lady at the counter.

“I will have an orange and almond cake please.” Hayley asks.

“That is eleven dollars please. Are you paying separately? And what name will that be under?” The lady replied.

“We are paying together thank you and that will be under Jillian and Haley. Thank you.” I said. The lady at the counter said that there was two people who said that if we arrived to direct us to their table. She pointed at a table that was at the far corner where there was no windows and we knew exactly who those two people were. We started walking and I was really extremely nervous. Haley noticed me biting my lower lip so she grabbed my hand and we walked over to the table where Louis and Niall were sitting next to each other kind of hunched over to protect them selves from paps and fans. This is gonna be hard. We are gonna be brought into the world of fame and we can get hate and they might lose some fans… OH SHUT UP BRAIN! I shook those thought out of my head and Haley and I sat down.

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