Heart Attack

Haley and Jillian are going to meet their idols but what happens when one of them has an accident and they become closer than they thought they would get.


4. Chapter 3


Niall’s POV:

Louis had just sent the message to Haley and I was honestly nervous about what they were going to talk about. Were they gonna talk about Jillian and I or just talk about each other? “Hey Lou, What are you going to talk to Haley about? I really feel nervous about what Jillian is gonna say!!! I am so nervous Louis! What do I do?!?!”

“Here, I will text Haley and ask her to send me Jillian’s phone number. Okay?” He replied and at that same moment he got a text from Haley. They had been texting each other for ages and I couldn’t believe they still had things to talk about! “Hey look Niall! Haley just told me that Jillian wants to talk to you and that she is nervous about what you are going to say about her. Haley said Jillian wants your number. There we go Niall. Problem solved!” Louis said. Louis texted Haley Niall’s number and soon after my phone buzzed on the coffee table. We were staying in a hotel in Perth and we were going to be her for a whole other week because all the dates were switched around for our concerts. I walked over to the table and was nervous to pick it up and read what it said. Louis noticed my struggle and picked up the phone and read it for me. It said ‘Hi. It's Jillian. I can’t believe I am texting you. I’m sorry I am acting all weird. Um. Hi. Yeah, um from Jillian.’ I let out a little giggle after Louis read it. I grabbed my phone off Louis and I suddenly had a burst of confidence run through me. I replied to Jillian with ‘Hi Jillian. I must confess, I am really nervous about talking to you. You are a really nice person and I really like your laugh. Um. Yeah. From Niall’. As soon as I pressed send I plonked myself onto the couch. I was so confused for some odd reason. I really liked her but what of she is using me for my fame, or what of my fame will break us apart? I push those thoughts out of my mind and receive another text from Jillian. Louis and I were just sitting on the couch texting for ages, but Liam soon came over with a box of pizza and Louis and I jumped up quickly. Liam didn’t have to say anything. Louis and I texted Jillian and Hayley saying that we had to go eat dinner. They replied saying that their pizza had just arrived and they had to leave as well.


Jillian’s POV:

Niall and Louis were such kind guys. They were really nice. Haley was discussing with Louis about catching up tomorrow and going to the movies with them. I was really nervous about what the paparazzi were going to do. Would they even find us? I forgot about that quickly when Haley’s Mum came in with pizza. We texted Niall and Louis saying our pizza had arrived and funny enough they had pizza as well! We ran to the kitchen and sat down to eat. We definitely enjoyed the pizza because after we had finished (and of course saved some for breakfast and lunch tomorrow) we had sauce all over our faces. We put the left over pizza in the fridge and stacked the dishwasher. I then heard my ringtone go off on my phone: ‘(Harry Styles’ voice) Some ones calling you! Answer your phone! Unless you don’t like them and then you can just pretend you didn't hear me, which I would never do to anyone because that would be mean, unless they smell. (Liam Payne’s voice) Answer you phone. You’re annoying everybody now. Answer your phone. Pick up; PICK UP THE, PICK IT UP! Ummm pick it up. GO GET IT!!!’ I couldn’t find my phone so the ringtone kept playing, ‘(Louis Tomlinson’s adorable voice) WOAH! YOU’RE POPULAR! SOME ONES CALLING YA PICK UP THE PHONE! COME ON! I’M A BUSY GUY! I CAN'T HANG INSIDE YOUR PHONE DOING RINGTONES ALL DAY! ANSWER IT!!! (Niall’s cute Irish voice) You gotta help me! I’m stuck inside your phone! Answer it to set me free! …’ At that point I found my phone and I saw that the person who was calling me was Niall. I answered it and walked into Haley’s room. “Hey Nialler. What’s up? How was your pizza?” I said while sitting down on Haley’s bed.
“Oh my gosh! Best pizza ever!!! Have you tried the pizza down on Princess Road, Dlakeith? IT IS AMAZING! Anyway, down to the point, have you seen Facebook and Twitter? The fans are going crazy because some random magazine company posted these pictures of all of us laughing our heads off at the signing. Lucky there is no hate, but be prepared for a whole load of ugly.” Niall replied. I then heard footsteps down the hall that stopped right in front of Haley’s door and I heard the secret knock. “One sec Niall. Come in Haley.” I said. Haley was on the phone as well and I was sure it was Louis but to my surprise it was Willow. Haley told me that Twitter and Facebook were going crazy because the paps had posted pictures of us with the boys at the signing. I didn’t really care what everyone thought about One Direction and us. The fans are just jealous that it wasn’t them. I asked Niall if I could put him on hold on my iPhone and he said it was alright. Haley put Willow on speaker and we got the Twitter and Facebook lowdown. 

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