Heart Attack

Haley and Jillian are going to meet their idols but what happens when one of them has an accident and they become closer than they thought they would get.


1. Chapter 1



Haley’s POV:

“ Come on Jilly. There’s a gap in front of us and no ones saving it. STOP STUFFING YOUR FACE JILLIAN!!! WE CAN EAT AFTERWARDS! How many sausage sizzles do you need?!?!” We move slowly into the gap in front of us hoping that no one would tell us it was saved. Thank goodness it wasn't saved by anyone and we could move straight into it. Every second we move closer to The Boys and every second Jillian takes another humungous bite out of one of her sausage sizzles that we bought about 5 minutes ago. “What should I get signed? My CD or DVD?” Jillian asked me, but I am too busy in a trance. I suddenly realised I was staring at a random person so I snapped out of thinking about Louis and Liam and turned to face Jillian. “What?” I ask in an innocent voice. “I said, what should I get signed? My CD or DVD?”

“Both.” I said. We were finally moving closer and I was shocked about how many girls were fangirling in front of us. It kind of felt weird being the only eighteen and nineteen year old girls in the whole place but we got over it after a while. I think we were just proud that we weren’t fangirling and going over the top with the One Direction merchandise. We were finally at the steps and to be honest I was kinda nervous. What was going to happen? Will they laugh at the jokes I was going to tell them or would they think that I was just weird? Jillian and I walked along saying hi to all of the members. I had a special joke picked out for each of them. Jillian had a small piece of advice for each of them like ‘Keep writing good songs’ and ‘You are amazing. Keep following your dreams.’. First in the line was Zayn, then Liam, Harry, Niall and then finally Louis. The girl in front of me screamed, jumped and fell on top of me when I was talking to Liam. My head hit the floor hard and sooner or later all the boys were at my side getting the girl off me and helping me up. My vision was a bit blurry so I had no idea what was going on. I could finally see properly and the first thing I see is Louis at my right side helping me over to a chair. The other boys went back to the signing table because the girls in the line were starting to push and shove. Jillian ran over to the chair where I am sitting and Louis is in front of me asking me some simple questions like my name, age, date of birth, etc. “My name is Haley, I am nineteen and I am born on 5th December.” I answered. I was feeling fine but Jillian did not want me to get out of my chair and Louis didn’t either. The signing was over but Louis still asked me one final question and I knew it was a joke because I could see the joking look in his eye. “Put your right finger on the tip of your nose.” He said. I lifted up my left hand showed him my forefinger and then put it on my nose with a small smirk on my face. Jillian, Louis and I all cracked up laughing and we couldn’t stop. The boys all came over to see what we were laughing for. “What’s this?” Liam asked. “You are all so loud!” Harry said with a huge smile on his face, dimples showing. “People are looking!!! Stop it!” Zayn said almost falling to the floor in a laughing fit. Then I realised Niall hadn’t said a word. I looked at Jillian who was sitting up on her elbows on the floor. I could see she was looking at something. Or should I say someone.


Jillian’s POV:

His deep blue eyes were so mesmorising. ‘How could someone be so perfect?’ I thought to myself. He was staring back at me like he couldn’t let go of the gaze. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Louis taunted. Haley and Louis could not stop laughing their faces off. Niall and I broke the gaze but couldn't stop ourselves from laughing. Haley jumped off the chair and I knew something was wrong. “What’s the time?!?!” she said looking so worried. Louis got his phone out from his back pocket and read the time. “Three o’clock!!! SUGAR!!! We were supposed to be at home half an hour ago!!!” Haley helped Louis jump up and Niall helped me up. We gave all the boys hugs and said bye. Haley gave Louis a hug and I could see him slip something into her pocket. He caught my eye and winked. We said bye and left the shopping centre. Haley was all bubbly and smiley on the way back to the car and so was I. We had just met our idols and had so much fun. We skipped back to the car hand in hand just smiling and laughing. We drove home while listening to One Direction’s new CD, ‘Up All Night’. Our favourite song ‘I Want’ came on and we were screaming it at the top of our lungs. Lets just say we were really happy. We were only three quarters of the way through the song when we reached Haley’s house, but we kept singing it even when the engine was turned off. Haley opened the door and we came into the kitchen. We heard Haley’s mum on the phone so we stopped singing and just walked through to Haley’s room. We dumped all our stuff and sat on the bed. We sat there in silence for about thirty seconds when we both just burst out laughing. Haley’s mum came into the room and said “What are you two crazy cats doing in here? How was the signing?”

“Oh, it was okay I guess.” Haley joked. We both just burst out laughing again. Haley’s mum just shook her head and sighed. She left the room and I heard the washing machine turn on. She was always doing washing. It was quite funny actually, the amount of washing she did. Haley walked over to her dresser and got her phone out of her front right pocket then she went to her back pocket. I knew that she was going to come across the paper Louis slipped into her pocket. I really wanted to find out what it said. She went to get out her wallet and as she did she pulled out a piece of paper she opened it and said, “What’s this doing in my pocket? It wasn't in there before. Jilly, do you know anything about this?” I just shook my head. “Wait what?!?! ‘Hey Haley, nice meeting you. You are really nice and funny. Actually, let me rephrase that, you are hilarious. The jokes you made to all the boys were so funny. I hope your head is okay, I didn't really like the way that girl talked to us anyway. We should catch up some time and by the way Niall really likes your friend. Louis.’” She read aloud. She handed me the paper and dropped on the bed. I read through it again stunned. Underneath the message there was Louis’ number. O.M.G!!! I couldn’t believe it! Any girl would want this but it was us. We met One Direction, we laughed with One Direction, and now we are catching up with One Direction!!! Haley sat up and we just smiled at each other.



Hey everyone,

I hope you liked it. It is my very first fanfic/Movella so it isn’t very good. I am hoping to have at least 75 chapters in all and I really like feedback and ideas. Thanks for reading. I will probably update every day after school (Australian Western Time). :)

-H_Directioner1 :)

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