Living with the Devil

When Peyton get the courage to give Zachary her crush a love letter she accidently gives it to Harry the rebel of her school.
With time she learns that he is actually a kind person and he actually cares for her but what happens when these two because step brother and step sister.

PS: This story plot already exist (based on one of my favourite stories :) i gave it a bit of a twist. hope you enjoy)
once again this story doesnt belong to me and it has a small twist made by me.
:D comment and let me know.


2. World is upside down

During the whole day she had to run back in forth getting food for him and his friends or giving them massages. While she was making her third stop at the convenient store across her school she tripped on herself dropping the ice cap she was carrying. " are you alright?" She heard someone say behind her. She turned around to see none other then Zachary. He helped her up. " thanks I'm fine" he handed her a handkerchief to help her whip off the coffee on her shirt.

"Let me help you with that!" She let him grab the rest of the stuff and walked back into school property little did she know that Harry was watching her out the window smiling and laughing with Zachary. Peyton noticed everyone walking  and looking at her whispering. " is it just me or everyone is looking at us" zachary said. " hey Zachary have you seen this love letter writing by little Peyton here.

" every since the moment I first saw you, I realized i was in love. I guess this is what they call love at first sight!" Her eyes grew wide open. How could he do that to her. She walked up to the discussion boarding ripping off the letter andran off while everyone laughed at her. "Stop it it's not funny!" Peyton stormed into Harry's classroom where he stood with his mates. "Where are the drinks?" He asked her she slapped him across the face dropping the bag of drinks on his desk.

" how could you let everyone see my letter your horrible! I hate you!" This was officially her worst day ever, where was the rock where she could crawl into and hide forever? "I'm home!" She took off her shoes slipping on her bunny slippers. "Honey your home, made you some salmon sushi" she joined her mother on the table grabbing a piece of sushi with her chopsticks.

Ignoring the extra plate set up on her right" why are we eating sushi? You only make me sushi when you have something important so spill. And why is there another plate set up?" Her mother started blushing and smiling like a lunatic. She hasn't seen her mother this happy since her father and her were together. Her father had passed away when she was just 15yrs since then her mother has been taking care of her all alone. "I'm seeing someone." Her mother had seen a few men after her fathers death but it wasn't anything to seriously to make her grin this much.

" he must be amazing since your red as a clowns nose" she took another piece of sushi. " he is great and you know him"Peyton grew a little curious and took a sip of her water. "He's your principle and he asked me to marry him" she spit out her drink marriage? wasnt that too soon? when someone knocked on her front door. " it's open" her mother yelled she noticed a familiar face walking into her living room/kitchen. " since his son is dining alone most of the time I decided to invite to eat with us, Peyton meet Harry styles" she started to chock on her sushi. " is it always like this?" He asked her mother. " I'm afraid so." Peyton grabbed another cup of water to help her clear her throat.

" sister is adorable when she's shy isn't she" he said giving her his famous smirk. " she is" this was a dream, a horrible dream that she needed to wake up from. "I don't think sister  like me?" Her mother started tearing up she gets upset very easily. " my little girl doesn't like her new brother  what am I going to do" she pulled Harry into a hug and kept crying. " no mom I'm not" this went on for hours.


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