Living with the Devil

When Peyton get the courage to give Zachary her crush a love letter she accidently gives it to Harry the rebel of her school.
With time she learns that he is actually a kind person and he actually cares for her but what happens when these two because step brother and step sister.

PS: This story plot already exist (based on one of my favourite stories :) i gave it a bit of a twist. hope you enjoy)
once again this story doesnt belong to me and it has a small twist made by me.
:D comment and let me know.


4. the game


The game was about to start as everyone gathered around in the court watching the two boys getting ready to play along with some of their mates. A bunch of girls sat near Peyton was who was far to anxious to know what Harry was planning.   " your still running around following Harry" one of the girls said with a sneer. " your such a loser! I thought posting your love letter would make you back off." That caught her attention. She turned around to find a long black haired girl sitting next to her with a grin on her face along with her friends. " is was you?what did I ever do to you?" She stopped grinning and leans in closer to her ear.   " leave my man alone" with that the game started and the girls were gone. Peyton had thought for a moment that Harry would actually be good at basketball. " he's a great basketballer isn't he" someone said, it was a blond headed boy, he looked familiar he was probably in the same class as Harry. " he stopped playing in middle school when the coach threw out the fat kid off the team, so Harry stood up for him and quit as well. Thus was the start of a new friendship. That kid was me! I'm Niall!" They shook hands. " I'm-- ".   " Peyton Harry's soon to be step sister I know! Oh and just to let you know he never posted your letter for the whole school to see he'd never do that!" Harry had done yet another dunk winning the game. " wow your amazing! Why not join the team?" Zachary asked him trying to catch his breath. " I'll do it but only if she is assistant coach!" He pointed over to Peyton who had a confused look on her face   . " sure I mean I don't want you to do anything you don't feel comfortable with Peyton" Zachary was being so considerate it was so cute. " sure!" She said smiling. Everyone started leaving the court while Peyton grabbed her bags and outdoor shoes. She spotted Harry walking along across the street listening to his music. She walked behind him for a few minutes silently trying to figure out what to tell him.   " are you going to keep following me? If you want to say something just say it!" He told her. He knew she was behind him? " I can see your shadow" he pointed at the ground. He stopped walking making slowly step back for a few seconds.   " I..I'm sorry for slapping you! I accused you of doing something that you had nothing to do with! I shouldn't have done that and worst do it in front of all your friends".  She looks like she's on the edge of crying. " so what now?" Harry asked her. " if you want you can hit too so like that we can be equal" she shut her eyes really hard. " you know ill do it right? And it's going to hurt do you not care?"     " no because I deserve it " he was in position of punching her when he grabbed her head from behind pulling her towards him and kissing her. " what the?.." She stood there in shock not sure of what had just  happened.  " you kissed me ...." He smiled rubbing the back of his head.   " I was just making it equal" just then they hear a noise behind them. Zachary was standing there in shock. " I...thought you were step--".     " we are going to be what you call dangerous siblings are we Peyton?" He winked at her making her turn bright red. Harry replied. Peyton could barely speak since she was still in shock.   " I'm sorry mate" he adds. " what's there to be sorry about I mean you have the right to love whoever you want there's nothing wrong there" zachary said with a nervously laugh walking away. " wow well I thought he was going to get a little angry. That's boring" she started feeling frustration unable to think right. " dangerous sibling? That the hell was that?"   " well it's true isnt it?" He said with a blank face. He looked serious, this wasn't good. Zachary went back to practice confused unsure of what had just happened.   
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