Living with the Devil

When Peyton get the courage to give Zachary her crush a love letter she accidently gives it to Harry the rebel of her school.
With time she learns that he is actually a kind person and he actually cares for her but what happens when these two because step brother and step sister.

PS: This story plot already exist (based on one of my favourite stories :) i gave it a bit of a twist. hope you enjoy)
once again this story doesnt belong to me and it has a small twist made by me.
:D comment and let me know.


3. The awkwardness

   "New step brother ?" Janelle and Kate said in union. " that's right my mom wants to marry the principal and Harry will be my new step brother" Peyton said weakly she hadnt slept all night. " you look awful!" Kate said. " I know I barely slept anyways I have class in ten so ill see you in math!" She walked down the hallway when she spotted Zachary at his locker. " hey" she greeted him making her way to his locker. " hey! Sorry about the whole situation" he told her blushing.

" it's not your fault," she handed him his handkerchief. " I cleaned it up for you" he tried to grab it when his books fell out of his hands. " let me help" the two laughed when they felt a cold presence near by they both looked at their left to find Harry staring at the two while blowing his bubblegum making bubbles.

"So whats going on here?" he asked them with a grin"are you two friends?" Zachary asked with a smile, Peyton stood up handing him his books and shaking her head. "oh him? oh no!! were not friends you se my mother is about to get re-married and he's my step brother Harry"

Zachary extended his hand wanting to shake it hand, Harry stared at his then looked over to Peyton who was confused by his intentions and smiled shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you Harry im Zachary"

"i hear your a good basketball player from my sister" Peyton started blushing furiously, when did she ever tell him that. "Did she?" Zachary said turning red. "Oh yeah, so about we play a game you and me after school?"

"sure why not? "

"alright see you after classes, bye sis!" With that he walked off. Zachary and Peyton watched him head to his class. "I better head to my class as well, are you coming to watch us play after?"

"Of course" she said smiling nervously not sure of what had just happened.

What the hell was he planning? what did he want with Zachary?

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