Living with the Devil

When Peyton get the courage to give Zachary her crush a love letter she accidently gives it to Harry the rebel of her school.
With time she learns that he is actually a kind person and he actually cares for her but what happens when these two because step brother and step sister.

PS: This story plot already exist (based on one of my favourite stories :) i gave it a bit of a twist. hope you enjoy)
once again this story doesnt belong to me and it has a small twist made by me.
:D comment and let me know.


1. Meeting the devil

Today was the big day! I was finally going to confess to him! I had been crushing on him for so long, my friends were getting tired of me talking non stop about his perfect features and flawless personality. " go tell him you like him" one of my mates would tell me, if I told him how I felt would he like me? I mean I wasn't as pretty as the girls who were clinging all over him. I looked pretty normal, plain.

My curly brown hair, light brown tan and caramel eyes, just a normal girl. " your actually going to tell him?" My best mate, janelle asked me. I nodded. I took a quick look at my uniform adjusting my blazer and red ribbon on my head. " I mean what do I have to loose right? If he hates me I rather know it now then to never know!" Janelle pulled me into a hug. " Peyton I'm so proud! Now go out there and tell him you like you" my friend Kate came running into the bathroom smiling. " your actually doing it? Go now he's walking to his class right now!" Peyton clinched on her letter which was a confess of her true feeling that she had writing for him.

His name was Zachary he was the captain of the football team and everyone loved him, he was sweet and a pretty darn nice guy. " there he is go on" Kate told her giving Peyton a small push. Her two friends watched her behind the school wall, Peyton took a deep breath, " calm down heart!" She mumbled to herself walking towards Zachary who was listening to his music and texting Peyton stopped in front of him closing her eyes and handing him the letter. " here" she said. When someone grabbing the letter she opened her eyes and noticed that Zachary was walking away and hasn't notice her she looked in front of her to find a tall curly headed boy standing there holding her letter with a big smirk on his face. Harry styles was his name.

He was consider the rebel of the school people were scared of him. No one stood up against him, even teachers were scared of him because his father was the principle of their school. " a love letter? How childish" he said with a laugh. Peyton was so scared she ran off. " I messed up" Peyton whined in class sitting in the back with her two friends. " how can you miss your chance! And hand it to Harry of all people!" Janelle said. " I don't know it just happened now he has my letter! Argh!!" She stood up slamming her hands on her desk " I need to get it back!" Her friends watched her march out of class. " should we go after her?" Kate watched her walk off, janelle smiled leaning back into her seat. " we should let her stand up for herself once in a while, lets sit this one out" Peyton stopped in front of class 5-B this class was considered the rebel/punk class all the delinquents were in this class.

She was about to walk in when two boys stopped her. One of them checked her out while the other whistled. " my what is a fine girl like you doing here?" The black headed one said. " I'm here to see someone leave me alone" she tried to get through but the boys didn't let her. " come on, why don't you keep chatting with us" she then someone push the two boys aside. " leave her she's here to see me, isn't that right Peyton?" How did he know my name? She wondered. He took a seat at his desk stretching his legs on the desk. " I want my letter back!" " you mean this?" He pulled it out of his pocket, about to hand it to her. " oh yes, thank---" he let out a laugh not a friendly laugh but more like a sarcastic laugh. " did you really think I'd give it back to you so easily?" She felt shivers all over her body looking into his cold dark eyes.

" what do you want?" She asked him slightly scared of his respond. " I want you to be my slave." He replied like it was nothing out of the ordinary. " what?" He fans himself with her letter. " you heard me my slave"  this was not happening.


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