Marry Christmas to you to

Why did I love Christams so much? Maybe because I love to be with my family and friends all around the fire with hot cocoa telling child-hood stories that everyone's going to forget in the next few days! But why was this Christmas so different? Was it because of my friends being there? Was it because of my sister being pregnant? Oh yea, it's because I spend it with the one and only...Harry Styles! Yes,yes, THE Harry Styles from One Direction! I was just a normal girl for 17 years old and now I'm a tottaly different girl! It's amayzing how one thing, one boy, can change a live so fast! But am I ready for the change? Is it coming on me to fast? Read to find out!


1. Chapter #1

Today was just a normal fy in Holmes-Chapel. I was walking down the street to school since I don't live far. I wave to my nabores as I pass there houses. Holmes-Chapel is such a friendly place! Everyone knows each-other and were all just nice people...well most of us are! Except for this one boy...Craig. He has bullied me for two years now and it becoming a real problem! I've been hanging around my friends less and my boyfriend broke up author me because of a rumor Craig started about me saying that I was a lesbian! But I'm not! I boys just like I loved my boyfriend Mark but he didn't believe me when I told him I wasn't a lesbian! It's sad how some people can be so mean! But that was a month ago and I've moved on, found another crush, and talk to my friends a lot more but that jerk Craig still bullies me at school

" hey fatty" speaking of the he comes!

" hey, I'm talking to you and when I talk to you you look at me!" he said as he tugged on my arm. I tried to bull it back and keep walking but he was so strong! His friends arrived and saw what was going on then they but there hands on my body so that I would face Craig.

" Please,just let go! I'm going to be late for class" I said trying not to burst into a crying fit. He let go of my arm and slapped me acrosse the face. I fell to the ground holding my cheek and looked at him. He had an evel smirk on this small little lips of his. His eyes were full of pleasure

" stop! What do you think you are doing? Let her go!" a tall handsome young man comes out from a house that was next to us. Craig looked shalkwd
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