Marry Christmas to you to

Why did I love Christams so much? Maybe because I love to be with my family and friends all around the fire with hot cocoa telling child-hood stories that everyone's going to forget in the next few days! But why was this Christmas so different? Was it because of my friends being there? Was it because of my sister being pregnant? Oh yea, it's because I spend it with the one and only...Harry Styles! Yes,yes, THE Harry Styles from One Direction! I was just a normal girl for 17 years old and now I'm a tottaly different girl! It's amayzing how one thing, one boy, can change a live so fast! But am I ready for the change? Is it coming on me to fast? Read to find out!


2. Authors note!

Sorry that chapter ended like that but I half to go to sleep and I clicked the publish button before I was done! I'll have a new chapter up tomorrow! Prmise! Thanks! Live you all my little boo bears!

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