One Direction Imagines

Just some One Direction imagines :)


3. Niall Imagines

Niall Imagine 1... :)

You and Niall have been going out for 6 months. One day you ask him why he chose you and he said, "When I saw you, you had the biggest smile and a special twinkle in your eyes, I knew you were perfect for me."


Niall Imagine 2.... :)

You're going to America with Niall and the boys for their tour. Your'e going for a few days, because as soon as you get back you have work, and university. You have about ten days off so he dragged you with him. While on the plane, you are exhausted out of your mind. You doze off, and eventually knock out. You start slightly snoring and Niall's shocked (he had no idea you snored). He starts recording you snore. You wake up to see him still recording you. "Hey! Were you recording me sleeping?!" You say. "Yeah but.." "Do you know how creepy that is?!" You laugh. "But you snore! And its so cute" Niall smiles. You laugh, and fell asleep again, but this time on his shoulder. 


Niall Imagine..... :) I hope you like it Ashley :)

"ASHLEY! YOUR'E HERE! YOUR'E HERE! YOUR'E FINALLY HERE!" Screams your adorable boyfriend Niall, as he runs over to you, after not seeing you face to face for a whole three months. "I finally get to see my Ashley!" He says hugging you, "I missed you" "I've missed you too, Niall" You say. He pulls out of the hug and kisses you. 


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