One Direction Imagines

Just some One Direction imagines :)


2. Harry Imagines

Harry imagine 1... :) 

Your sitting on your couch as Harry walks into the room with his laptop. Harry: "Honey, did you ever have twitter?" You: "no..." Harry: *turns laptop to you* Than who's profile is this?" You: "Ok, I did, but every girl had one, like before we meet. Besides, I haven't seen that thing in like forever." Harry: "Then why is their a picture of me sleeping?" You: "Oh, you know everyone had pictures of you guys doing crazy things like that." Harry: "It says it was taken half an hour ago, and this was taken in our bedroom." You:............ Harry:............. You:............... Harry:.............. You:........... Harry:.............            You: "How many retweets did I get?" Harry: *laughs*

Harry imagine 2.... :)

You're at the beach, and Harry walks up to you with flowers in his hand, and a smile on his face. "Awe, Harry you didn't need to buy me flowers!" You smile. "I didn't," He said "Have you seen Louis?" He asked. You laugh, but then see that he's serious. You frown as you point to Louis. Harry bursts out laughing. "I'm kidding! These are for you!" He says handing you the flowers. You smile and say "Thanks Haz" "No problem, hon" He says, putting his arm around your waist as you both walk towards the water, watching the sunset. You realize how lucky you are to have a boyfriend like Harry. 

Harry Imagine 3.... :)

You couldn't remember the last time you left your room since the boys left for their tour. You were mad at Harry when he told they were called up so suddenly. You regretted yelling at him, because you understand how much pressure he is in. Suddenly, you hear a faint strumming of a guitar and off pitch singing. You look out your window to see Paul surrounded with dozens of kittens. You ask him what he was doing here. He says, "Harry was afraid that you might still be mad at him. So he flew me out here to soften you up because he says I have the voice of an angel." You laugh as Paul continues to serenade you with some oldie songs. Your phone buzzed and you get a text from Harry. "Paul might not be good for the ears, but he's the only one I know you cant hit. Love u take care of our babies(the cats). xx" 

Then one cat scratches Paul.

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