One Direction Imagines

Just some One Direction imagines :)


1. Liam Imagines

Imagine 1........ :)

You and Liam are dating, secretly. One day there are rumors going around that he is dating someone else. He promises it's not true, but your'e still hurting. Liam takes out his phone and quickly types something, which makes you even madder. Later, you find out the he tweeted "Actually I'm dating (Y/N) and I love her so much. No one even comes close to her. She's beautiful. I hope she can forgive me, because I need her in my life." You run into the living room where Liam is, and give him a big hug, and say "I'm sorry" "It's okay" he says. " I love you" You say "I love you too" He whispers into your ear. Then he gives you a kiss.

Imagine 2......... :)

You and Liam are at Disneyland together. "Y/N! Look! Look at the castle!" Liam yells childishly. "It would be so nice to live there!" he says happily. "Liam were not moving in that castle. But it is very nice!" You smile. "Its beautiful isn't it?" He asked with a big smile on his face. "Yeah, it is beautiful." You smiled back. "Not as beautiful as you" He said. You blushed, and he kissed you on the cheek. 

Imagine 3..........:)

Its been 4 months since you last saw Liam, besides the Skype dates you have almost everyday. You hate it when hes on tour, your always lonely. Sometimes you go over to Eleanor's house to talk to her, because she would be lonely too, with Louis gone. Two more months until Liam comes home. God! You cant wait to see him again! You were having dinner when you hear someone knock on the door. You get up and answer the door. As you open the door you see Liam. You scream in joy. "Liam! I thought you weren't coming home until two more weeks!" You say as you hug him. "Yeah I know, but we got off early." "I'm so glad your home!" You say. "And I'm so glad to see you!" He smiles. "I got you a present" He says. He hauled out the prettiest necklace ever and says " I love you Y/N" While handing it to you. "Ohmigod, Liam its soooo pretty!" You smile, "I love you too!" "Can you help me put it on please?" You ask. He puts the necklace on you and gives you a kiss on the check.  




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