With A Love So Strong

It was a normal day. I met you guys right there. Odd, place to fall in love. We gave you everything. Our trust, life, heart. We were happy for you, but who knew that following your dreams ment you had to leave stuff behind. So, what happened to us? We used to be.... With A Love So Strong.


2. Planning the Date

Harry's POV
We walked over to their booth."so what are your name?" Zayn said being his charming self. "I'm Sarah and she's Emily" Sarah said and Zayn and I sat down with them. "
well hi Emily I'm Zayn" Zayn Said with the usual flirty smirk "And I'm Harry." I said with a cheeky smile making sure to show my dimple. This moment seemed to last forever. It was just amazing. The way we just into each other's eyes. I thought it lasted for an hour but it was just really a couple seconds. I snapped out of my chance because Zayn and Emily we just staring at us like we just broke out of the asylum. "So what you say you want to order some food?" I asked hoping to get rid of the awkwardness. "Okay Shortwater think I'll have the Peri Peri Chicken." Sarah said I really like that she wasn't like other girls that were afraid of eating in front of guys. "I'm Caesar salad with the raspberry vinaigrette." Emily said. "Emily I get you trying to be a vegetarian but it's my birthday please at least get something else for today." Sarah said. "Wait what if your birthday?" I asked very shocked. "Yeah-" I cut her off. " how old are you turning?" " I'm 18 as of today." She said as a huge smile formed on my face. " omg my god that's great, and great timing too!" I said referring to the party I'm throwing this Friday. " what do you mean perfect timing?" She asked looking clueless. " well, considering its your birthday would you like to come to our party this Friday with me?". I asked nervous for her answer. "We'll, Harry I would love to go with you." Just as she said that I felt a pang of relief run through my body. "But...." She said as my smile fades away from my mouth. "You see i would love to go with you but I hardly know you so how about today be our get-to-know-you day?" She suggested and quite frankly I thought it would be a good idea. "Alright sounds great!" I said very happy about the thought of knowing more about her. "So, where should we go?" She asked curiously. "Well, have you been to miss Parker's?" I asked her. Miss Parker's was this little cafe that I just loved. It had a roof top eating terrace with a garden and sometimes the owner lets my band play there sometimes. I thought it would be the perfect place to go. It just had something special it was plesent, local, and beautiful.
A/N hey guys its Sarah and this is my first movella so no hate and sorry it's short but I had to hurry cuz I'm going to see twilight but yeah I would love feed back. The next chapter Sarah and Harry go to the cafe and then someone shows up and ruins all of it.
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