With A Love So Strong

It was a normal day. I met you guys right there. Odd, place to fall in love. We gave you everything. Our trust, life, heart. We were happy for you, but who knew that following your dreams ment you had to leave stuff behind. So, what happened to us? We used to be.... With A Love So Strong.


1. Love At First Sight

It was the morning of my birthday and my best friend Emily and I were going to Nandos for breakfast. Emily and I walked in and sat down in a booth next to a window. While I was asking and making plans I saw her eyes along with her attention move from me to the front door. I could tell that she was distracted by something. I moved my head in the direction her eyes were in but all I saw were these two positively gorgeous guys. One of them had the perfect shade of medium brown hair with these absolutely green eyes that made melt. Oh boy, that even get me started on sexy bed head curls. As of the other one had dark cocoa brown hair with the most gentle eyes in the shade of warm honey. This boy must spend forever on his hair. It was just so perfectly made to this hot quiff.
While Emily and I were practically drolwling over the guys. I noticed something. Something that made me freak out in shock and embarrassment. The one with the green eyes 'Curly' what I personally liked to call him.We both accidentally looked at each other at the same time. He kinda elbowed 'Quiffy' also know as Brown Eyes. As if he wanted to get his attention. Once he did whispered to him while pointing at us. It made heat rise to my cheeks, but not as if blushing more like embarrassment companied by a little bit of blushing. I quickly turned away, but in the corner of my eye saw that now Quiffy had got in on the joke that was happening. I tried to play it cool by acting like I was talking to Emily I saw that she staring awkwardly at them. I tried to syke her out of it so I softly kicked her leg. In attempt to bring her back to Earth.
They started walking towards us. They only thing on my mind was 'Omg. Is this really happening?' They came and sat down. With Curly by my side and Quiffy next to Emily and awkward silence came. Thank god that Curly finally started talking "So, what are your names?" he asked. "Im Sarah and that's Emily." I said nervously. "Well, hi Emily I'm Zayn." Quiffy said but I suppose I should start calling him Zayn along with Harry. "and I'm Harry." Harry said sending me a cheeky side smile that exposed a little dimple.
Harry's POV Zayn and I decided to go to Nandos to pick up some food the lads back home. As we were walking in I was telling himm that we should through a party this Friday. The first thing that caught my eye was this girl with soft black hair and big golden brown eyes. We locked eyes for a split second, while I gazed into her eyes I noticed that she was blushing and that exact moment I knew that I had to have her as mine. To love and to hold, to and to cherish. I just wanted to kiss her and make her feel loved. She was just so beautiful. It was love at first sight.
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