Please Don't Go

I made a mistake. I big one. I've made terrible choices in the past, but I just plain screwed up now. I left my true love. I thought he would be better off without a girl like me. I was wrong. I ruined both of our lives, as well as our closest friends. I put his career in danger because I let other people's opinion get to my head. Now I want to fix it. But how?


4. Chapter 3

"Katie..." His voice sounds relieved. He did want to talk to me. I had overreacted for no reason. "So what's going on?" I didn't know what else to say. I turned the phone on speaker and plopped down on my price of crap couch. "Actually not alot. That's what it has been like. Zayn is in Bradford with family. Lou went to the Caribbean with Eleanor. Niall is here staying with me in London. And Harry..." He trailed off. "It's okay Liam, I would like to hear how he's doing." My voice was barely audible but somehow he heard it. "Harry's been an emotional reck. He's not happy Katie. When you left he uh...he went out and got waisted. He was thrown in jail for a few days for drunk driving." I hid my face in my knees. "Oh god...what did I do?" Liam was silent for a few moments before continuing. "He's somewhat better now, but the light is gone in his eyes. He needs you..." I sighed and held back tears. I refuse to cry anymore. I'm sick of it. "Katie, Dani just walked in. Do you want to talk to her?" Danielle. She had been there for me just like Noel. "Of course." I smiled a little. "Katie? Is that really you?" Danielle's voice was full o disbelief but there was some hope. "Yes it's me. How are you?" Dani laughed and I heard the phone being passed to her. "I'm great darling, how are you?" I laughed also, "Oh I think I've been better." "Hmmm... I see, well it's nice to finally know your okay, we've been going completed bonkers here. I have to go, I was just dropping Liam's turtles off. Bye babe!" "Bye Dani!" I giggled. When I heard the door close I asked, "You still have out turtles?" For Christmas, Zayn had gotten me and Liam turtles since they were our favorite animals. I had named my Chompers and his was Donkey Kong. "Of course! But I have to say, Chompers misses you. He try's to bite me when I feed him." I laughed harder than I have for a long time. I realized just how stupid my choice had been. It had affected everyone around me. "It good to hear you laugh. I haven't heard it in forever. Now tell me thetruth when I ask you this. How are you really doing?" There's the overprotective brother side of Liam that I knew so well. When I was with Harry, he was the one I was the closest to. I hate to admit it but I was more trusting in Liam then Harry. Niall would've been my second go to buddy. "Honesty, terrible Liam. I made a mistake and I want to come home and fix it." Things were silent. "I doubt you have enough money for a ticket up here." "No I don't." Liam huffed, "Well in just gonna have to come to you then." I sat up, "Really?" I smiled excitedly. I really wanted to see him. But looking around, my apartment isn't really the best place to hide a international superstar. Oh well. "Yes really. I'm going to try to find the first flight tonight to come see you." "Where are you going Liam?" I about cried when I heard Niall's voice on the background. ---"Niall, Katie is on the phone." Silence. "The Katie?" I laughed and said, "Yes the Katie." I heard ihim scream, "Holy shit!" "Language!" I heard Liam laugh. I heard a thud, an 'ow!', and some muffled voices before Niall finally got the phone from Liam. I never knew they had missed me that much. "Oh that really you Katie?" Niall sounded emotional. My guilt rose to all time high. I loved him like a little brother. He was sweet and the way he looks at Noel. Noel... "Yes it's really me. How are you?" I expected a blowup from someone, but not him. "How am I doing? How the hell do you think? You disappear without even saying goodbye! You hurt all of us badly. Harry was broken, he still is! I know you were being completely bashed on by media, but we could've worked through it!" My heart sank but you knew every word he said was true. "Niall, calm down. She's guilty enough."i heard Liam pipe at Niall. "No Liam, he's right. It's all my fault. But Niall, I want to fix everything I've done. In sick of this, I'm sick of everything. I'm ready to come home." Niall snickered, "Well you better be. Because of you had called only to speak to us, I would've tracked his phone and hunted you down. I'd fin you, kidnap you and force you to come back."I grinned. Only Niall. "Well Niall get on the laptop and look for the quickest flight. Call Dani and tell her what's going on." "Rodger, what about the others?" I hadn't thought about the others. Zayn was with family, Louis was on vacation, and I still didn't know where Harry was. "We will tell them after we see Katie." Looking at the clock i relaize that I've been on the phone for an hour. Checking my battery, I had only 5% left. "Liam my phones about to die, but I can text." "Okay love, well we will text you the details later." I smiled, "Okay sounds good." "Bye Katie." "Bye Liam." Before I could hang up I heard Niall yell, "Bye Katie!" Laughing I replied, "Bye Nialler." The call disconnected. What had just happened? Did I just let them back into my life? Things might actually change. Smiling I got up and headed to the fridge. Dinner time.
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