Please Don't Go

I made a mistake. I big one. I've made terrible choices in the past, but I just plain screwed up now. I left my true love. I thought he would be better off without a girl like me. I was wrong. I ruined both of our lives, as well as our closest friends. I put his career in danger because I let other people's opinion get to my head. Now I want to fix it. But how?


3. Chapter 2

I must've brushed my teeth too hard. There was a metallic taste in my mouth. It made me sick to my stomach a bit, but I fought off the nausea. I woke up somewhat early today. It being a Saturday, I didn't have to work. After working a few weekends at the pub, I will never make that mistake agib in. Never have I felt so used. I tried to calm my nerves, but my hands still shook as I turned into the parking lot of the sprint store. I wanted to be in and out of there quickly, but I had prepare myself to be patient. Grabbing the $500 in cash I had brought, I got out of my car. I had figured $500 would be enough to get a burn phone and keep it running long enough to work something out with Liam. Walking through the door, hearing the song above my head. I was greeted instantly. "Hello, how may I help you today." I put a small smile on my face. "I'm just hear to pick out a burn phone?" I didn't know if they knew what I meant. The lady nodded, "of course! Right this way." She led me to a small case with some phones in it. I just randomly picked a black phone that had a slide out keyboard. Walking up the check out line with the lady I handed her my credit card realizing that try wouldn't take cash. I'd just have to keep the cash in a safe place for the time being. "We'll Ms. Dawly, how many minutes were you planning on putting on the phone?" I thought for a minute. "I'm trying to get in contact with someone out of the country so ill be on it alot. How much do you think that will need?" Typing something into the computer she looked back up at me over her glasses, "Well it depends on how long 'alot' is, but I recommend getting a three month contract. It has unlimited text, calling, and over seas calling." "That perfect." I said not caring how much it cost, I just wanted to get of there and call Liam. The lady helping me nodded and typed something into the computer in and picked up a piece of paper. "Would you sign here please?" I nodded picking up the pen next to me. "Now there is going to be a $50 deactivation fee if you want to cancel this contract. After three months is over, your phone will remain on, but you can only dial 911 in case of emergency..." I nodded along with her, not really paying attention. I probably wouldn't use the phone more than the there months anyways. Scanning my card again the lady handed it and the phone to me. "Have a nice day Ms. Dawly." I smiled gratefully and left the store. I didn't want to really talk on the phone an drive so you quickly headed back to my apartment. It was only noon, and i would be home soon. Would Liam still want to help me? Or after talking to me did he realize he didn't want to have to deal with me again. My thoughts ran wild until I got home. I didn't hesitate as I threw my bag on the counter and dialed Liam's phone. "Hello?" He answered on the second ring. "Hey Liam." I said quietly.
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