Please Don't Go

I made a mistake. I big one. I've made terrible choices in the past, but I just plain screwed up now. I left my true love. I thought he would be better off without a girl like me. I was wrong. I ruined both of our lives, as well as our closest friends. I put his career in danger because I let other people's opinion get to my head. Now I want to fix it. But how?


2. Chapter 1

All I could do was cry. I leaned against the pole and slid down till I was sitting. I clutched the phone like it was my life line. Liam's phone was still on and he was talking to me! "I messed up big time." Was all I could manage out. Everything was terrible. I couldn't get a decent job, I wasn't doing to great in school and I still was the target for some of the locals critics. I even had poparzzi following me sometimes. Thank goodness I was along now. "Katie, babe, you need to calm down," Liam's voice was soft and soothing. Just what I needs but haven't gotten. "This would be alot easier if you had a cell. I know your calling from a pay phone." You chuckled a bit. "No there's the girl I know." "Liam, I want to come back, I regret what I did. I don't care anymore. I'm done, I'm done being along, I'm done with all of..." You didn't know how to continue. The tears still streaked down your cheeks, but they were slowing. "I understand sweetheart. Where are you exactly. Last I heard you were in LA..." You sighed, wiping away the tears, "I still am. I'm living in a small apartment on the east side." The other line was silent for a few seconds. "Okay, we'll first, babe I hate to say this, go get a cellphone. A burn phone or something. Because I dot think you have enough change to stay up all night talking to you." You laughed again, "No I don't. And I will be going to the store in the morning. Ill have a cell by five in the afternoon at the latest." "Please enter fifty more cents." You panicked not wanting to end the call even though you Liam said you had to. "Katie. Go home get some sleep. I will keep my phone on me. All me right away when you get that phone. Do you want the others to know?" He said quickly. "Yes! And ill talk to you soon." I let the tears fall again. "Okay. Goodbye sweetheart." "Bye Liam." I let the phone go dead and just dangle next to me. Bringing my knees to my chest, I sat there and cried. I was relieved, overjoyed, but terrified. I was indeed done. I've been alone for months. No one has spoken a word to me really. I had no one to tell anything to. I did NOT want to go back to rehab. Liam picking up that phone just made me realize he still cared. Maybe he thought it was me and waiting for the call. I mean he didn't have to pick the phone up. A random American number calling him would cause him to wonder. Maybe he cared still. I hope so. I checked my cracked watch to see it was almost 10. So I got up and headed back to my car quickly. After sliding in, I kept the radio off and drove back to my apartment in silence. Was I really ready to let Liam or the rest of the boys back in my life? Would Harry ever forgive me? Oh god... Harry. I'm such a terrible person! I went to bed with questions that would be awnsered when I talked to Liam tomorrow.
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