Please Don't Go

I made a mistake. I big one. I've made terrible choices in the past, but I just plain screwed up now. I left my true love. I thought he would be better off without a girl like me. I was wrong. I ruined both of our lives, as well as our closest friends. I put his career in danger because I let other people's opinion get to my head. Now I want to fix it. But how?


1. Prologue

"They don't know know about the things we do, they don't know about the I love yous..." It's been five months. No matter how much or how I try to avoid that song, I hear it everywhere. Everytime I burst into tears. That was OUR song. My song. The song he had written for me. About us. Being a girlfriend of on the biggest stars in the world wasn't easy. Add 'He is in a boy and also a popular one', things get impossible. You can't go out in public without bodyguards. Even if we went to Antarctica we wouldn't have peace and quiet. I thought I could handle it. I thought I could handle the lack of privacy and criticism. Most of all I thought I could handle the hate. In show biz or the music industry, fans are a big role in stars life, they make the star known. I'm hated by thousands of girls. Imagine what happens then. That's because I was dating Harry Styles. I was a fan myself. My friend Noel was dating Niall Horan, so one day she decided to introduce me to One Direction. It was a surprise. Noel had told me we were going to see some friends. She didn't elaborate on who those friends were. Harry and I clicked right away. He asked me out on a date later that evening. That was a year ago. We made our relationship public a month after we started dating. Everyone was quite supportive at first. But when bits of my past started getting leaked, everything went on a downhill spiral.

Papers have been leaked from when I was in rehab for depression. Next every one found out about my drunk and violent father. People started believing I was going to end up just like him. Hell, I even thought I was. The my older sisters affair with a married I need to go on? Yeah, my life hasn't, and still isn't the brightest. But the past can't change. When all this surfaced, Harry stuck beside me claiming that that was the last. I appreciated him and the few supporters I had, but as months went by, the haters were winning. They wanted to see their boy single again and will do or say anything to make that happen. The seven months me and Harry were together was amazing. I really thought he was the one. I still do! I saw him as a nineteen year old who goofs of with his bestfriends and enjoys life. I didn't see him as 'Harry Styles', I just saw him as Harry. The boy I fell in love with and trusted with my life. In June, disaster struck. Someone from my past had told the whole world about my highschool days. I am NOT proud of what happened at all. I'm not denying I was a slut either, because I had been. Those allegations were like feeding fresh meat to a cage full of hungry lions. The critics, the haters, all of them attacked at once. And I just broke. I got into a huge fight with Harry. The next day I was on a plane out of the country. Harry and I split, haters rejoiced, and I went down the same path as before. I checked myself back into rehab, only to be released a few weeks later.

The first few weeks, it was none stop calls, texts and emails from Harry or the boys. I got the occasional supportive text from Noel. I ended up shutting my phone down. I didn't get a new one. What's the point? I had no friends. I decided to go to college. I wanted to study to become a music teacher. Music is y passion. I was quickly accepted into a small community college in LA. In America, I was only the topic of discussion for a few weeks before some other celebrity had a down fall. I believe her name was Lindsey Lohan. Tears streamed down my face, my hands still on the steering wheel even though I was parked. I ruined everything. I got so caught up in self pity that I lost my soul mate. And my bestfriends. When the song ended I hit the steering wheel on angry. Throwing myself from the car, I ran to the nearest pay phone. I hope the boys or Noel didn't get a new number. I tried Noel first. "The number you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time..." I hung up and redialed. I got the same message for Louis, Zayn, and Niall. I tried Liam. "Hello?" "Oh my god... Liam?" I sobbed. "Yeah..." "It's me...Katie..." "Oh my god..." He whispered.
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