Lucy Adams is a popular girl at her middle school in Toronto, Ontario. When her mother announces their move to Winnepeg, Manitoba, she is exited to start a new life. Her life changes drastically in this exiting One Direction Fan Fiction.


1. The News

Lucy's POV:

"Ring, Ring!" my phone went off.I checked the caller I.D. It was Miranda."Hello?" I answered.

"Lu!' Miranda screamed into the phone. I winced and held the phone away from my ear.

"Uh, yeah?" I answered, hoping it would be some interesting gossip.

"Guess what? Tyler broke up with Emily!" I smiled knowingly. Tyler was Miranda's crush."Which means he's available!And Emily's cousin's friend told me he likes me,' she pressed on.

"Miranda.Cool it,"I told her calmly.She simply ignored me.

"So anyway, I wanted to know if you want to come shopping with me. Maybe, in say, an hour?" she questioned, leaving me speechless."Hello?Are you still there,Lucy?" she inquired, rather loudly into my ear. I took my phone further away from my ear again.

'Yeah, I'm still here," I half-whispered. See, the problem was, I had already made plans to see my oh-so-popular boyfriend, Sam, that day. We weren't really dating because we loved each other, it was more just to be "popular" and "cool" so if someone asked you, you could say you had a 'boyfriend" or girlfriend". Anyway, that wasn't the point, the point was was that I was seeing him  and I couldn't go shopping that day.

"So.Your answer will be...?" she impatiently pushed, pausing slightly.

'Look, Mand, I...I'm seeing Sam today," I spat out.

"Oh, okay," she sounded hurt. "You enjoy your time with him," she added before hanging up. I sighed loudly. It upset me to see her unhappy. She was already upset enough with her brother's drug problem and her dad's alcoholism. But with Sam, rules are rules and he hated for me to back out on dates. I walked into the house to find my mother packing kitchen appliances into boxes.

"Hey, mom, whatchya doing?" I casually asked her.

"Lucy, I have to tell you something important." she gently directed me into a chair as I slung my backpack onto the table.

"Go on," I urged, a bit worried.

"I don't know how to say this but..but we're moving. To another province." she said, looking down. I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. Suddenly, I was mad at my mother. Why didn't she tell me this earlier? Why did this have to happen?And just as quickly, I forgave her. I thought about how much she had tried to find a job after my stepdad, Paul, died. My parents had been divorced since I was 3 years old. As far as I knew, we were not in contact with my dad, but  what I remembered of him were fond memories of him being a loving, caring father to me.My thoughts were drawn from my father as I remembered what the conversation was about.

"So where exactly will we be going?" I asked in a monotone voice.

"Oh, Lucy, don't act so rude. It will be fun! We're going to live in Winnepeg! I've got a great paying job there as an environmental lawyer. We are living in a great big house. It's a modern-styled new house and-"

"Alright, Alright, mom, I'm in." I said. I was now quite alright with this. I wanted to start a new life, in a new city, with new people. I was excited for our move!


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