Lucy Adams is a popular girl at her middle school in Toronto, Ontario. When her mother announces their move to Winnepeg, Manitoba, she is exited to start a new life. Her life changes drastically in this exiting One Direction Fan Fiction.



Miranda's POV:

I waited outside as Lucy and her mom pulled up onto the driveway. I was desperate to see Lucy, because this would probably be the last time I would see her in a long time. Her and her mom looked really happy, although I hadn't a clue about why. What was happening that was so great? My mom had just passed away, She was moving, far away I might add, and I was probably going to be living with some foster parents due to my dad's drinking problem and the fact that he couldn't take care of me without my mom. I waved and tried to look as cheerful as possible. After all, I didn't want to upset them. Lucy waved back cheerily and ran out of the truck to give me a hug, smiling widely.

"Luc, what are you so excited about?" I asked slowly, giving her a sideways glance.

"Oh, nothing," she answered.Lucy leapt in front of me and yanked the truck door open for me.

"So, Miranda..." her mom said timidly, pausing for me to respond.

"Yes," I replied clicking my seatbelt into place.

"Since this is our last day here in Toronto, we wanted to know if you'd like to come shopping at the Eaton Centre with us." she looked at me with hopeful eyes.

"Oh, Ms.Adams! I would love to!" I exclaimed, giving her a hug. Mrs.Adams was a bit like a second mother to me. I had always felt fully comfortable around her.

"Please, call me mom." she said looking straight at me, a tear streaming down her cheek.

"What do you mean?" I whispered. I sensed something... odd coming on.

"Miranda, I've adopted you. You are coming to live with us in Winnepeg!" Ms.Adams was now crying freely, her cheeks wet with tears.I was thrilled. Lucy was going to be my sister!

"Thank you so!" I was crying too. We all had a big group hug.


After our shopping was done, we dragged our feet back to the car. We went back to my house and picked up everything I needed, and said good-bye to my brother and father. I was a bit sad, but I knew that this was not the family for me.(Well, what girl WOULD want a family like that?)Anyway, we drove to her house, they said because of "final preparations." When we opened the door to go inside, people that I knew, young and old,were all shouting "SURPRISE!" There were beautifully wrapped presents sitting in a corner, and balloons were strung everywhere, not to mention the mountain of food that was placed on the table, looking delicious. I couldn't wait to start partying!

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