One Fruit Loop Short Of A Whole Bowl

This is sorta gonna be like a diary, except not with all of the cursing that usually goes on in my actual diary.


2. Unicorn Club

Three girls in my school started a thing called the unicorn club, (my good friend ceaserkatnisspotter is already a member) and all of the teachers epicly failed at the quiz you have to take to get in. 

OH! And if you want to make the most popular girl/ unicorn club leader in school mad, just get your annoying but funny friend (mine is Mary) invite her to your house, tell her who you like, your Mary will tell your whole math class who you like, except the most popular girl, the most popular girl will ask you who you like, and then when you give her a honest and truthful answer she gets all ticked off because she likes him too even though she gets to sit next to him. Okay, that was a little random but it is a true story.

Most popular girl ever; Hey Megan, Mary kept saying "I know who Megan likes." Who do you like? (Raises eyebrows)

Me: Urrrmmm

Most popular girl ever: I PROMISE I won't tell.

Me: Okay, Casey.

Most popular girl ever: ....... (At this point she storms off and refuses to talk to me.)

And those are the steps you take if you want to kill any chances you have of being in the unicorn club or even being a someone. Sooo, don't do what I did. But if I get the boy I will report back. I'm gonna go drink some coffee.

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