One Fruit Loop Short Of A Whole Bowl

This is sorta gonna be like a diary, except not with all of the cursing that usually goes on in my actual diary.


1. Okay, Here It Is

I am weird, no doubt about it. One of the REASONS that I am like this is because of the PEOPLE that I surround myself with. For example, the kids in my homeroom class are literally one fruit loop short of a whole bowl. Let me tell you why; We have "Character Counts" coaches that come to our class once a week, two weeks ago we picked a class leader. Last week we decided that we would have a pet food drive for the local animal shelter, so she decided to have a competition. 

Going around the room, she was counting people off like "One two one two" and I am sitting in my seat getting ready to explode hoping that I get in the same group as my (also crazy) crush. So I did, and the two groups got on either side of the room. 

We apparently were supposed to pick a name for ourselves, and my group eventually decided on "Rainbow Unicorns" Don't even ask.

Then we were supposed to use the rest of the time to come up with a game plan but my group spent their entire time telling my crush that he was our mascot so he had to go get a rainbow shirt. It is because he has a short mohawk thing going on and it looks good on him, but he looks like a blonde unicorn from the front. Seriously, he does.

A few weeks ago we had a food drive and we got a little crazy, (read my "All My Dear, Dear Psychopaths")

we hid our food in a cabinet, Mrs. Williams class hid their in a whole different room! Jeez, don't even ask me why I continue to surround myself with weirdos and psycho paths. Just..... don't.




I will eat your soul like a nut! Megan.

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